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Bonnie McCaffrey is an American quilter who presents some wonderful textile art vidcasts to inspire her audience to venture into the world of stitching with homemade crafts.

Block Printing with Jamie Malden – Colouricious –

fabric design with wooden printing blocks

Yvonne Brown presents mixed media and textile art using texture and fibre . This wonderful textile artist shows us an great way to make Medieval Tiles with felt and a soldering iron. Collages with found objects, painting with gesso – see her book called “Tex-tiles and other Treasures” inspired by medieval designs in tiles and stonework – using melting and burning textiles techniques. Machine trappunto, collage and quilting techniques all beautifully combined. See more VidCasts at

Dominique Ehrmann is a quilt artist from Canada who creates magical pop up book quilts. She makes small scale models out of found objects initially. Then re-created this handmade book into a 3D textile project quilt.

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