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Bandhani Tie Dye


Bandhani is a traditional way of decorating fabric. It uses the traditional tie ye method but on a much smaller scale tying small, tight knots to create varied and intricate patterns. They use traditional natural dyes, especially the colours red and indigo. This technique is exclusive to Kutch and we were lucky enough to it in action.

If you would like to discover more dyeing techniques, see our collection of instructional videos for dyeing fabric to create new textile patterns and designs.

textile-design embroidery-tye-dye-stitch tie-dye-stitch-embroidery embroidery-block printing Bandhani-embroidery-stitch Bandhani Tie Dye 04 textile-design-embroidery tye-dye-embroidery textile-art-embroidery stitch-embroidery embroidery-textile-art textile-art-embroidery fabric-design

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