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Printing ideas  and patchwork for  beginners


What is Patchwork

Patchwork or “pieced work” is a form of needlework that involves sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design. The larger design is usually based on repeat patterns built up with different fabric shapes (which can be different colors). These shapes are carefully measured and cut, basic geometric shapes making them easy to piece together.

Printing & Patchwork for beginners

Follow demos on strip patchwork, log cabin, crazy patchwork and folded circle patchwork. Learn patchwork for beginners and create lovely textile design !

Patchwork  for beginners – designs and block printing

Patchwork for beginners – How to make an Art Journal or Placemat using Log Cabin 

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If you like the idea of doing some Patchwork, then take a look at our Printing & Patchwork DVD. This Colouricious DVD “Inspired Printing & Patchwork” is aimed at beginner level patchwork – this dvd is presented by textile artist Mary Gamester, teaching the Patchwork and myself, teaching the block printing combined with colour theory. If you know how to patchwork, this is a wonderful teaching tool for the youngster in your family – as you could teach them over the summer how to get started on patchwork and printing your own fabric, which would them be special moments together.

Quilting Arts Printing and Patchwork

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