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Hand Embroidery with Shisha


Hand embroidery designs using Indian shisha

Shisha embroidery

Shisheh or Abhla Bharat embroidery , or mirror-work, is a type of embroidery which attaches small pieces of mirrors reflect metal to fabric. Mirror embroidery is spread throughout Asia, and today can be found in the traditional embroidery of Iran, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, and Indonesia.


The use of decorative mirror or shisheh was introduced from Iran during the Mughal Empire. However shisheh embroidery was not used on Mughal clothing but rather found only on traditional folk clothes of South Asia and Central Asia. The term shisheh means glassin Persian, from where the word transferred to Urdu/Hindi and other related languages. Contemporary shisheh work almost entirely consists of mass-produced, machine-cut glass shisha with a silvered backing. Today most craft stores in South Asia carry small mirrors purchasable for use in embroidery, which come in varying shapes and sizes.

Buy a goodie bag of mixed sizes and shapes of shisha mirrors – please note that some of the mirrors are slightly broken as they are hand cut in India and that is just how it is.



or you can buy just simple bags of small round shisha mirrors.



As part of our teaching schedule we are often invited to come and teach Shisha embroidery – if your group would love to learn, please email  us to arrange a Shisha workshop. 


Join in our next Sewing Shisha Workshop.

If you love embroidery and stitch, then join us on one of our Colouricious Textile Holidays to explore the embroidery heritage of India.

Buy Colouricious Shisha Indian mirrors.


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