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Butterick Sewing Patterns

Butterick Sewing Patterns

Make your own shopping bag

If you love sewing you can have fun with this Butterick bag pattern. Block print your fabric before to give it a personalised touch! Have a look at our wide range of Colouricious wooden printing blocks. Once you have made the bag once try adapting it with different sewing techniques such as using different machine stitches. Try making the other two bags from the set of patterns. Have a go at making your bag then block printing over the top so you will know exactly what it will look like. Colouricious textile paints are excellent to use when printing bags as with just an iron they are fixed to the fabric and can be washed at up to 4o degrees – so you can use your bag over and over again!

Butterick Sewing Patterns are perfect for beginners. Love sewing? Print your own fabric for dress, vintage and skirt patterns with Colouricious wood stamps

Butterick Shoulder Bag Sewing Patterns


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