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Art projects with Decovil

Kim Thittichai loves to use Decovil 1 Light and Decovil 1 for her art projects. Have a look to these videos and see what you can do with this amazing products ! Kim used Colouricious wooden printing blocks to design her items.

Use Decovil 1 Light and make your own book wrap

Use Decovil 1 to make your own bag


These are some examples of what you can do with these products.

kim-thittichai-bag-making-ideas  kim-thittichai-bags-making  kim-thittichai-book-fabric-techniques  kim-thittichai-book-making-techniques  kim-thittichai-book-wraps  kim-thittichai-how-to-make-a-bag  kim-thittichai-how-to-make-bags  kim-thittichai-how-to-wrap-a-book  kim-thittichai-making-bags  kim-thittichai-textile-art  kim-thittichai-textile-design  kim-thittichai-textile-fabric-art

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