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Textiles – Embroidery – textile art

Textiles – Embroidery – textile art

Did you know that Vietnam is full of the most beautiful textiles imaginable. This coming October, Colouricious is hosting a textile tour of Vietnam, traveling from the North all the way down to the South of this stunning country. The textiles that we explore en route are particularly bright and colourful, and what we love in particular is the breath taking embroidery.
Visit our Colouricious website to learn more about this dream textile holiday.

weaving-embroidery-tribal-art fabric-art-fibre-art-embroidery textiles-art-weaving

In the North of Vietnam, there is an area called Sapa Valley, which is where the Hmong tribes live. The first part of our holiday, we visit this tribal area where everywhere you go, you will see ladies stitching in the street.

If you love silk, then you will adore seeing the silk production that is so big in Vietnam. vietnamese-culture-arts-holidayYou will be visiting silk worm farms and seeing the production of silk fabric – and of course there is the very important element of retail therapy. You will come home with armfuls of real silk.
If you are looking to treat yourself to a special holiday, there are still a few vacancies left on this Colouricious textile tour of Vietnam. Visit our Colouricious website now to learn more about textiles in Vietnam, watch all the videos we have prepared for you and you can even book online now!

vietnamese-textile-holiday-hmong-people  hmong-tribal-textile-art

Come on a Colouricious textile holiday to meet the people behind the scenes who love textiles and sewing and weaving and making gorgeous items!

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