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Hand Bead Embroidery Designs

Hand Bead Embroidery Designs

Britain’s Best Textile Artists  – Eliza McClelland

Eliza McClelland is a fantastic British textile artist specialising in bead embroidery. Her bold images are created using glass beads and canvas. Eliza finds inspiration in historical glass work and stainless windows, you can see this in her use of jewel like colours and bold designs. Remember to click on the gallery on this link, to see some of Eliza’s wonderful beadwork.
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Eliza visited the Colouricious studio recently and recorded a video to share with you a fascinating insight into the bold historical textile technique of bead embroidery. In the video Eliza shows you how to create bead work, detailing what canvas, what thread and how. Most importantly Eliza shows you how to make your work usable!
Watch online and be inspired! Fancy having a beading workshop? Book Eliza as she loves giving talks and beading workshops.
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Eliza McClelland

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