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Make your own felt flowers

Make your own felt flowers

Felt Flowers

This is a wonderful instructional video on how to make felt flowers. It is fairly straightforward and the finished flower is beautiful and ready to adorn any suitable craft project.


  1. Take 3 pieces of felt about 100mm x 50mm (4” x 2”) lay them on top of each other on a firm bristled brush.
  2. Using a felting/clover tool press down through the layers of felt at 90 degrees to prevent you damaging the tool.
  3. Press the tool all over the pieces of felt until they are bonded to each other.
  4. Tightly roll up the felt into a tube and then place back on the brush.
  5. Recommence the felting turning the tube of felt around so every area of the tube has been felted.
  6. Keep doing this until the tube feels firm and solid.
  7. Trim the ends and then cut of two pieces from the tube about 5mm (3/8”) thick.
  8. Lay one piece on the brush and then overlay it with strips of organza which are about 25mm (1”) wide and 75mm (3”) long. These will form the petals of your flower so feel free to experiment with the length of each piece of organza.
  9. When you are happy you have placed enough organza onto the slice of felt, put the second slice f felt on the top and using the clover tool, press down through all of the layers several times until everything has bonded together.
  10. You have now completed your first felt flower.

You can experiment with different materials other than organza for the petals or try using shorter lengths of materials as you get closer to the top to create a more layered petal effect.

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