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Recycling fabric to make a whole piece quilt

Recycling fabric to make a whole piece quilt

recycling fabric-gelli-plate-recycle-fabric-block-printing   recycling fabric-gelli-plate-recycle-fabric-block-printing   recycling fabric-gelli-plate-printing-block

If you have old fabrics, do not throw them. watch this video on how to give their a second life !

First squidge and roll a thin layer of paint onto the gelli paint. Then put a piece of fabric onto the surface. Then you can use Colouricious wooden printing blocks and have a great fun !

Use the gelli plate, fabric paint and  wooden printing blocks to design your own hand printed fabric.These wood stamps lift the paint off the gelli plate to create stunning results.

 Come and join us in the Colouricious Club if you love arts and crafts and looking for new ideas and blogs, supplies and inspiration.


Make book wrap with Decovil 1 Light

Make book wrap with Decovil 1 Light

Kim Thittichai is a British textile artist who specialises in surface design. In this video, you will learn how to make your own book wrap. Using a manmade fabric called Decovil 1 Light, you will be able to iron on torn newspapers to create a new surface which you can then embellish with glitter and foils. As a finishing touch, you can then use Colouricious wooden printing blocks to print your own design. Adding some of your own hand or machine stitching will pull your textile project together.

Here are some examples of the book wrap that Kim has made using the Decovil 1 Light

make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-fabric-techniques  make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-book-making-techniquesmake-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-book-wraps make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-how-to-wrap-a-bookmake-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-how-to-wrap-books  make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-textile-art

make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-textile-design  make-book-wrap-kim-thittichai-textile-block-printing


Would you like to make book wrap ? All you need to use is Decovil 1 Light, fabric paint and wooden printing blocks.

You can buy Decovil 1 Light online

We recommend you use Colouricious fabric paint

Look at the full range of Colouricious wooden printing blocks

Bead Textile Art – Embroidery – Sewing Projects

Eliza McClelland is a textile artist who loves to teach bead textile art and embroidery. Her hand bead embroidery designs based on cross stitch designs are quick and easy to learn. These photos show you beadwork on canvas and the stunning pieces you can create using your own scrap fabric. Using your canvas, you can use beadwork for clothes and motifs on canvas for jeans using your old broken necklaces, earrings or old jewellery. The cross stitching techniques are free and easy too for beadwork beginners who if inspired will learn how about texture in beadwork and the shades of colour Eliza McClelland uses in her work. She has been inspired in her work by designs such as stained glass windows and you can build on this inspiration too for your textile art and beading projects.
You can catch up with her at many of the craft shows in the UK where she sells cross stitch bead kits

Bead Embroidery - Sewing Crafts - Sewing Projects
Bead Embroidery – Sewing Crafts – Sewing Projects
Bead Embroidery - Sewing Crafts - Sewing Projects
Bead Embroidery – Sewing Crafts – Sewing Projects
Bead Embroidery - Sewing Crafts - Sewing Projects
Bead Embroidery – Sewing Crafts – Sewing Projects
Bead Embroidery - Sewing Crafts - Sewing Projects
Bead Embroidery – Sewing Crafts – Sewing Projects
Bead Embroidery - Sewing Crafts - Sewing Projects
Bead Embroidery – Sewing Crafts – Sewing Projects
Bead Embroidery - Sewing Crafts - Sewing Projects
Bead Embroidery – Sewing Crafts – Sewing Projects




























Eliza loves to give lectures about her hand embroidery art textiles as well as textile workshops. Contact her directly at to book Eliza for a talk and or teach a bead embroidery workshop.

To see more textile techniques with embroidery go to the Colouricious website

Craft Ideas Sewing

Crafts Ideas Sewing

Are you always looking for new craft ideas  sewing ? Workbox Magazine is a wonderful publication, dedicated to giving you more and more craft ideas and inspiration for you to create and crate with sewing, embroidery and quilting.

Crafts Ideas Sewing

Digital magazine to read on your phone/tablet/computer

Introducing the FREE new Workbox App – bringing the wonders of Workbox Magazine to your mobile device!

For just £15 per year, you can receive your copy of Workbox Magazine digitally on your mobile device with our digital subscription, giving you the freedom to read the latest articles wherever you are.

Workbox App also gives you the ability to buy and download individual issues, including the latest edition, for only £2.99 per issue.

Every issue you buy, either through digital subscription or individually, will be saved to your mobile device and can be viewed as many times as you like.

Workbox Magazine are very proud to announce their new app.
The way to purchase the digital copy of the magazine is to go to the app store from your iPhone or iPad.
For android devices go to the Google play store.
Alternatively you can go to iTunes to download this app too.

For even more craft ideas for sewing explore the Colouricious website.


Mixed Media Artist – Beryl Taylor – Surface Design

Mixed Media Artist Beryl Taylor teaching this workshop.


Beryl Taylor is a British mixed media artist who loves to experiment with various products, such as wood stamps, hand embroidery, tyvek, lutradur and stitch. Now living in America, she has had a full and busy professional artistic life as a mixed media artist, teaching at many events. She loves to share her sewing skills and creativity watching her students blossom under her inspiration. Surface design is a particular area where she loves to combine and mix and match mixed media products.

Learn more details about this mixed media workshop with Beryl Taylor

beryl-taylor-block-printing-stitch-embroidery beryl-taylor-mixed-media-craft beryl-taylor-surface-design-create

see full range of Colouricious wooden printing blocks

Beryl Taylor has published a book called Mixed Media Explorations. In this book she blends paper, fabric and embellishments to create inspired designs. This is an all time favourite book for many creative people.

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