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Ribbon Embroidery Designs & Stitches on block printing

Ribbon Embroidery Designs & Stitches – Marilyn Pipe

Ribbon embroidery and other designs can really spruce up your work. Embroidered fabric alone looks savvy and beautiful but adding a bit of ribbon can really bring out more colour and levels to your design. By adding ribbon, the design becomes more unique. It adds dimensions especially looking at it from a side-on perspective. In the example above, you can see how the ribbon-made rose adds a 3D effect to the design. It also makes the embroidery look sophisticated and special. You can really make it your own with the little details.

Marilyn Pipe really shows how the little details can bring a design to life. The white compliments the stitching and flower design. The contrast between the colours against the background fabric makes the design look vibrant. You can try this yourself on a number of things. Why not try to creating the rose effect on a pair of gloves?

The stitching really creates the overall design. You can do anything from flowers to music notes to a city skyline. The possibilities are endless. What we love about this particular design is how fresh and complicated it looks while still being very achievable.

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Embellishing | Dry Needle Felting – Learn How To

Embellishing workshop with Myfanwy Hart – Learn for yourself!

Embellishing is something fun and unique to each person. You can pick your own favourite colour yarn and co-ordination of colours to work well with the chosen felt as well. In this how to, Myfanwy Hart shows us a simple step-by-step guide on embellishing.

Taking the felt, you can choose your yarn and create a meshed-together surface. Getting more in tune with the machine is the first step. Improving your relationship with the sewing machine makes the embellishing process a lot smoother. With confidence comes great creativity!

Basic straight laid yarns is the foundation needed in order to progress your skills. The straight yarns look great too! Using colour and angles you can really bring it to life!

There are different types of yarn to use but in this example, Myfanwy is using pink wool. Always start in the middle as it’s easiest. When starting, be slow and consistent. This helps your yarned felt come out as you want it to best.

What can you do with this skill? As seen in the video, you can create funky covers for notebooks, sheets to decorate your home, clothes and much more. Jamie goes on to show how she turned a finished felt piece into a decorative addition to an old scarf. Amazing!

The more you work on the piece the more integrated and stronger it becomes!

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Talking Threads – Follow Textile Artists | Craft Television

Colouricious Holidays teamed up with the Country Channel to inspire a new meaning and love for threads, crafts and textiles with this 10-part series!

‘that’s where the excitement comes, you never ever know where it’s going to go. What it’s going to do’ Following the crafts and textile arts is part of the fun. Including many new styles and looks it really becomes a unique piece of art individual to each person and their individual taste!

‘the thing that keeps it very fresh for me is that no two pieces are alike’. With each piece of fabric being entirely unique, you, the artist, can take inspiration from new pieces. You can also look at art and fabric books for inspiration. Then onto creating your own version of each piece!

In this Craft TV special, ‘Talking thread’s follows the delights of textile art. By keeping up with renowned textile artists who have given up their time, we are delighted to learn alongside them how they work and what inspires them!Each episode features a renowned artist with demonstrations, interviews and an exclusive look into their portfolios. Experience fantastic textile workshops from the comfort of your own home!

This series is for creative people with an excited mind for art and craft. Threads are an integral part of textile arts. They also include quilting and silk painting. So there’s something there for every artistic mind!

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Let’s get patchworking

Let’s get Patchworking
We will guide you every step of the way!


Patchwork, as its name implies is the craft of sewing together pieces of fabric to make one larger design. The options for patchwork are pretty much endless as you can use pieces of fabric any size to make your larger design. For beginners, it is easiest if you start with all your pieces the same size and ideally in a shape that can simply be put together with no gaps and spaces. However, for the more adventurous of you, we can help you with all different shapes and sizes and have videos showing you how to make place mats, art journals and much much more.

You can take a look at our videos here

Patchwork Video

If you really take a liking to patchwork, then why not try strip patchwork, log cabin, crazy patchwork or folded circle patchwork. The designs and styles are endless!

Inspired Printing Patchwork

This Colouricious DVD “Inspired Printing & Patchwork” is aimed at beginner level patchwork – this dvd is presented by textile artist Mary Gamester, teaching the Patchwork and myself, teaching the block printing combined with colour theory. If you know how to patchwork, this is a wonderful teaching tool for the youngster in your family – as you could teach them over the summer how to get started on patchwork and printing your own fabric, which would them be special moments together. Mary will be at the Festival of Quilts too, so please do go and visit here too as she has some wonderful ideas to show you about Transfer Paints.


Latest Arrivals
It’s always good to add a bit of glitter!


In amongst our latest arrivals this week are some wonderful fabric glitter pens. Now those of you that use my fabric paints will know how good they are, I really do believe they are some of the best paints available for fabric crafters. These glitter pens will enable you to so much more precise with where you put colour and glitter. It will really make your projects and designs stand out. they come in a set of 5 and you can read more about them and place your order here.

Buy Now

For those of you interested in new blocks, we are continually adding to our collection, with the most gorgeous birds, trees and leaf blocks in this delivery from India. Check out the latest arrivals section of our website as that is where you will see them first.


Colouricious Holidays
Amazing Trips to India and Vietnam

colouricious textile holidays

Our Textile Holiday Trips and Tours of India and Vietnam are proving to be extremely popular this year with record numbers coming with us as we explore and experience the wonderful sights and sounds of Rajasthan and Jaipur in India and pretty much the full length of Vietnam. There are still some places available for these trips in 2015, but we now also have a full itinerary for 2016 with super tours organised to South India, West Bengal as well as to Jaipur and Rajasthan. We also have a special trip organised for September next year which will be hosted by me and my good friend Kim Thittichai. We have not actively promoted this trip yet and we already have had high levels of interest, so if you would like to come with Kim and I as we explore new creative idea around India, then please visit our website and reserve your place. This is a special trip that we know will be extremely popular and great fun as well.


Festival of Quilts
Birmingham NEC UK – 10 days and counting!

Festival of Quilts

It is only 10 days to go until one of the biggest quilting shows gets underway. If you are a regular visitor to the Festival of Quilts, then you will know what I mean when I say the “biggest”. With over 300 exhibitors you are spoilt for choice as to what to look at and there are several workshops as well where you can watch first hand as quilters show you their tips and tricks. If you are coming to the exhibition make a note of Stand F40 which is where I will be. It would love to see you, so please come and say hello. There will have lots of things to show you all on my stand – our show special is Gelli Plates – which we will be demonstrating with the best prices possible!

Learn, Create, Be Happy!

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Jamie Malden
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Make your own jewellery with S133

Make your own Jewellery with S133

make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-art-and-craft make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-arts-and-crafts make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-block-printing-art make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-block-printing-jewelry make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-design-your-own-jewelry make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-fabric-design-art make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-fabric-design make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-handmade-block-printing-jewelry make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-handmade-jewelry-techniques make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-handmade-jewelry make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-how-to-make-jewelry make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-jewelry-block-printing make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-jewelry-crafts make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-jewelry-making-ideas make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-jewelry-making-techniques make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-jewelry-making make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-make-your-own-jewelry

Would you like to make your own jewellery ? All you need to use is S133 and wooden printing blocks.

We recommend you use Colouricious fabric paint.

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