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Natural Quilts – Double Kingsize Quilts

Double Kingsize Quilts

Natural Quilts give your bedroom a sparkling new and energetic update in an affordable way to renovate the feel of your room as the seasons slide. The size of the double king size quilts is 90″X108″ (220cm X 270cm) and they can be used as double bed throws, queen size quilts or king size bedspreads. In U.K., the width of beds is as follows: Double bed 4 ft, Queen size bed 4.5 ft and King size bed 5 ft. Our double king size quilts are 7.6 ft wide, so the overhang will vary depending on the size of the bed. Also, some of our prints are not direction specific so those quilts can be used ‘sideways’, giving a width of 9 ft. We have a section for Superking size quilts too (9 ft X 9 ft).

Our double king size quilts collection comprises of amazingly crafted quilts, all done in detail. Our versatile and diverse double king size quilt range is a collection of colours and contrast and you will love the feel of our luxurious king size quilts. Add a personal touch to your bedroom and flaunt your personal taste and style with our king size quilt. No matter what your taste is, our king size quilts are the perfect pick for a wonderfully personalized bedroom.

So, are you looking for a double king size quilt or for your king size bed? Our collection of beddings for all your quilt and bedding needs, be it a double king size quilt or teenage bedding, you will find just the quilt that will fulfil your requirement. Our king size quilts are all handmade using the best, the purest materials that make the perfect comforters. Whether you love a simple contemporary look or a more traditional style for your bedroom, we’ve an extensive choice of Double King Size Quilts at Natural Quilts. High quality king size quilts enhance your décor, while providing soft, lightweight warmth for a relaxed, cozy bedroom retreat. These luxurious king size quilt sets come in various styles and designs from king size quilts, to modern and teen bedding sets available in king sizes.

Our double king size quilts are world famous because of the fact that they are traditionally hand-crafted with the utmost care and detail to maintain high quality. Natural Quilts have gained reputation in manufacturing varied types of quilts with amazing designs and patterns that has a demand worldwide.

natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-art-and-craft  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-arts-and-crafts  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-block-printing-art  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-block-printing-ideas  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-block-printing  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-craft-ideas  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-craft-supplies  natural-aquilts-double-kingsize-quilts-printing-blocks-ideas  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-printing-blocks  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-printing-techinques  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-printing-techniques  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-textile-art-idea  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-textile-art-ideas  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-textile-art  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-textile-design-ideas  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-textile-design  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-textiles-art  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-wood-stamps-ideas  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-wood-stamps-techinques  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-wood-stamps  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-wooden-printing-blocks

See the full range of Natural Quilts double kingsize quilts !

Design your own quilts with Colouricious wooden printing blocks.

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How to block print – Printing a tea towel

How to block print – Learn how to block print a tea towel

How to block print – Watch this video to see how easy it is to create your own textile art on fabric. Block printing your own tea towel is easy, fun and simple using Colouricious wooden printing stamps and Colouricious textile paint fix the paint to the fabric by ironing or tumble drying. Block printing is a great arts and crafts activity for kids in the holidays – get them to print gifts or home decor.
Buy some plain tea towels on line and have a go yourself!

stamp-printing-at-home-tea-towel    block-printing-tea-towel-at-home    how-to-block-print-textile-art

Tea Cosy Pattern, fabric printing, easy sewing projects

Tea Cosy Pattern

tea-cosy-pattern-art-crafts       tea-cosy-pattern-block-print-art-crafts

Tea cosy pattern to keep your cup of tea warm!
Here are some good examples of some tea cosy pattern’s you can make using our Colouricious printing blocks. There are also many beginner tea cosy sewing patterns available to buy if you fancied making your own.

tea-cosey-block-printing-pattern-art-craftTry printing your lining as well using our Colouricious fabric paints you can create a bright and exciting printed pattern.

Check out these instructions to make your own tea cosy

 Happy Block printing!

Make your own jewellery with S133

Make your own Jewellery with S133

make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-art-and-craft make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-arts-and-crafts make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-block-printing-art make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-block-printing-jewelry make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-design-your-own-jewelry make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-fabric-design-art make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-fabric-design make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-handmade-block-printing-jewelry make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-handmade-jewelry-techniques make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-handmade-jewelry make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-how-to-make-jewelry make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-jewelry-block-printing make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-jewelry-crafts make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-jewelry-making-ideas make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-jewelry-making-techniques make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-jewelry-making make-your-own-jewellery-kim-thittichai-make-your-own-jewelry

Would you like to make your own jewellery ? All you need to use is S133 and wooden printing blocks.

We recommend you use Colouricious fabric paint.

If you love arts and crafts and looking for new ideas and blogs, supplies and inspiration, join the Colouricious Club now !

Making your own block printed canvas bag

Block Printing Your Canvas Bag

Here is a wonderful craft idea to make a tote style canvas bag into an exciting shopping bag.


Here we have used some blocks from our Colouricious leaf wooden blocks to create an exciting personalized pattern. By using a lighter colour and a liner block this creates a background pattern then with the brighter/ bolder colours over the top creates the eye catching pattern for your shoulder bag.

Get confident with your sewing machine using your own simplicity pattern.

To create this eye-catching pattern we recommend you use our Colouricious fabric paints because they are easy to fix with simple ironing and then the fabric is permanently fixed.

Happy Block Printing!


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