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Embellishing | Dry Needle Felting – Learn How To

Embellishing workshop with Myfanwy Hart – Learn for yourself!

Embellishing is something fun and unique to each person. You can pick your own favourite colour yarn and co-ordination of colours to work well with the chosen felt as well. In this how to, Myfanwy Hart shows us a simple step-by-step guide on embellishing.

Taking the felt, you can choose your yarn and create a meshed-together surface. Getting more in tune with the machine is the first step. Improving your relationship with the sewing machine makes the embellishing process a lot smoother. With confidence comes great creativity!

Basic straight laid yarns is the foundation needed in order to progress your skills. The straight yarns look great too! Using colour and angles you can really bring it to life!

There are different types of yarn to use but in this example, Myfanwy is using pink wool. Always start in the middle as it’s easiest. When starting, be slow and consistent. This helps your yarned felt come out as you want it to best.

What can you do with this skill? As seen in the video, you can create funky covers for notebooks, sheets to decorate your home, clothes and much more. Jamie goes on to show how she turned a finished felt piece into a decorative addition to an old scarf. Amazing!

The more you work on the piece the more integrated and stronger it becomes!

Watch some more of our videos here!

To look at our range of activities press here

Surface Decoration Techniques

Surface Decoration Techniques

Surface Decoration 05

Getting an appealing decoration to the surface of the fabrics that you use in your craft project will really make it stand out. There are lots of different ways to get a decorative pattern. You can use our wonderful wooden blocks to create a unique pattern, or perhaps you could try just painting directly onto the fabric, or maybe blend and merge fabrics to create your decoration.

Click on the picture below to see Marilyn Pipe use Lutradur to create a unique surface decoration.

Surface Design Video

Colouricious has lots of very creative ideas when it comes to surface design and embellishments We have a wonderful double set of embellishing videos fwhich shows you how to use techniques that you will be able to master to bring your projects to life every time. The DVDs are on sale as a double pack for £9 which is just like buying one DVD and getting the second free.

Click on the videos below to be taken to our website.


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Our carvers have been very busy over the last few months creating new designs and styles that we have commissioned. The first blocks are ready and we are delighted to have them up on our website now ready for you to buy.

Avalon Celtic Designs

Avalon Celtic Designs

Intricate designs that would look perfect as a highlight or background design.

Order this set here

Iona Blocks


Iona Blocks

The Scottish Islands are deeply linked with Celtic history and design and these blocks would not look out of place on the lovely island.

Order this set here


Jura Blocks

Jura Blocks

A beautiful set of Celtic designs. Block carvings that would create lovely bold colours and designs.

Order this set here


Lindesfarne Blocks

Lindesfarne Blocks

This island off the North East coast of England has relics and artefacts that are deeply linked to Celtic folklore. These blocks are lovely examples of these designs and styles.

Order this set here


These are lovely sets and we are really proud and excited to have them in stock. We also have a couple of gorgeous heart designs; a Love Knot and a Celtic Heart as well, so I am sure you will find something that will be perfect for your next project.


Colouricious Holidays

Colouricious Holidays

We are constantly adding to the wonderful holidays that Colouricious are planning. Our holidays are very popular and the people who join us are always keen to let us know how much they have enjoyed their trip with us. Many also book to go with us on other trips as they expand their horizons of where to travel to.

We have a spectacular trip organised to Gujarat in October this year. In this 13 day trip you will get to explore the Gujarati region of India taking in sights and sounds as well as visiting workshops and seeing how the villagers design and create their beautiful textiles.

The region of Gujarat is also the home of the world famous Kite Festival of Uttarayan. Made famous in books such as The Kite Runner, The Kite Festival is a uniquely Gujarati phenomenon, when the skies over most cities of the state fill with kites from before dawn until well after dark. The festival marks the days in the Hindu calendar when winter begins turning to summer, known as Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan. On what is usually a bright warm sunny day with brisk breezes to lift the kites aloft, across the state almost all normal activity is shut down and everyone takes to the rooftops and roadways to fly kites and compete with their neighbors. We will be able to see the start of the Kite production in the streets of Ahmedabad.

If you would like to join us on this fantastic trip, then head over to our website and reserve your place.

Textile Tour of Gujarat

***** STOP PRESS *****

We have one remaining space left on our trip to Kashmir in July this year. It is sharing in a twin room, so if you would like to grab the last space on what will be a spectacular trip where you will literally be able to see the top of the word, then go to our website and reserve the last spot. This really will be first come first served as there are no spaces left once this one has been taken.

Competition Time


We have only just launched our competition, but we have already had a number of entries from people who are keen to either win a trip to India or £1,000 cash. To enter the competition, all you have to do is purchase a set of our Competition blocks and you will get a free entry into the draw. We are adding new sets to the competition all the time, so keep your eye on our Competition Page and buy the set you like the most.

The draw will take place on Saturday 13th August at The Festival of Quilts.

Remember – You have to be in it to win it!




Learn, Create, Be Happy!

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Jamie Malden

Altered Textile Art – Fabric for Quilting

Altered Textile Art – Fabric for Quilting

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Would you like to create your own quilt ? You can design your fabric by using Colouricious fabric paint and wooden printing blocks for this project.

For more ars and crafts ideas, join the Colouricious Club.

Natural Quilts – Baby Bedding

Baby Bedding

Our handmade baby bedding sets are soft baby quilts in a bag. These soft, cuddly crib bedding make unique gifts for Baby Showers. These baby blankets are suitable for cot bedding and as soft throws, wraps or picnic rugs. These blankets are also ideal as presents for Christenings, Birthdays and Christmas. All in all, they are cozy comforters in a bag for toddlers! Handmade baby quilts manufactured by Natural Quilts are block printed thus achieving a distinctive look. Having reached every nook and corner of the world, our baby beddings have a huge selection to choose from.

As a producer of baby bedding, it has been our intent from the start to provide the customers with highest quality bedding for children. Our entire range of products has been developed with the well being and comfort of children in mind. Our baby bedding is made to last and is generously sized for growing children. These soft cot quilts are 45″X56″ and come in a bag. All our baby bedding sets & baby quilts are handmade as a result of which their quality is much higher than other quilts. They are truly 100% natural handmade baby quilts.

Every day hundreds of children fall asleep nestled in Natural Quilts bedding. This is something to be proud of, but simultaneously, a great responsibility as well. With this ideology in mind, our baby bedding sets, baby quilts can be said to be among the finest in the handmade baby quilts category. In doing so, we have set a new trend on the market for baby bedding manufacturers.

A variety of colours can be achieved using natural dyes that are why most of our fabrics are printed and dyed using Natural Dyes. The resulting fabrics vary from one batch of dyeing or printing to the next making each piece exclusive and worth buying and treasuring.

natural-quilts-baby-bedding-  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-art-quilting  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-arts-and-crafts  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-craft-idea  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-craft-ideas  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-craft-supplies  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-crafts-ideas  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-fabric-art  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-fabric-arts  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-idea  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-ideas  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-quilting-art  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-quilting  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-sets  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-technique  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-textile-art  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-textile-arts

See the full range of Natural Quilts baby bedding sets !

Design your own baby bedding set with Colouricious wooden printing blocks !

Join the Colouricious Club for more arts and crafts ideas.

Natural Quilts – Double Kingsize Quilts

Double Kingsize Quilts

Natural Quilts give your bedroom a sparkling new and energetic update in an affordable way to renovate the feel of your room as the seasons slide. The size of the double king size quilts is 90″X108″ (220cm X 270cm) and they can be used as double bed throws, queen size quilts or king size bedspreads. In U.K., the width of beds is as follows: Double bed 4 ft, Queen size bed 4.5 ft and King size bed 5 ft. Our double king size quilts are 7.6 ft wide, so the overhang will vary depending on the size of the bed. Also, some of our prints are not direction specific so those quilts can be used ‘sideways’, giving a width of 9 ft. We have a section for Superking size quilts too (9 ft X 9 ft).

Our double king size quilts collection comprises of amazingly crafted quilts, all done in detail. Our versatile and diverse double king size quilt range is a collection of colours and contrast and you will love the feel of our luxurious king size quilts. Add a personal touch to your bedroom and flaunt your personal taste and style with our king size quilt. No matter what your taste is, our king size quilts are the perfect pick for a wonderfully personalized bedroom.

So, are you looking for a double king size quilt or for your king size bed? Our collection of beddings for all your quilt and bedding needs, be it a double king size quilt or teenage bedding, you will find just the quilt that will fulfil your requirement. Our king size quilts are all handmade using the best, the purest materials that make the perfect comforters. Whether you love a simple contemporary look or a more traditional style for your bedroom, we’ve an extensive choice of Double King Size Quilts at Natural Quilts. High quality king size quilts enhance your décor, while providing soft, lightweight warmth for a relaxed, cozy bedroom retreat. These luxurious king size quilt sets come in various styles and designs from king size quilts, to modern and teen bedding sets available in king sizes.

Our double king size quilts are world famous because of the fact that they are traditionally hand-crafted with the utmost care and detail to maintain high quality. Natural Quilts have gained reputation in manufacturing varied types of quilts with amazing designs and patterns that has a demand worldwide.

natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-art-and-craft  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-arts-and-crafts  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-block-printing-art  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-block-printing-ideas  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-block-printing  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-craft-ideas  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-craft-supplies  natural-aquilts-double-kingsize-quilts-printing-blocks-ideas  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-printing-blocks  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-printing-techinques  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-printing-techniques  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-textile-art-idea  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-textile-art-ideas  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-textile-art  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-textile-design-ideas  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-textile-design  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-textiles-art  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-wood-stamps-ideas  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-wood-stamps-techinques  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-wood-stamps  natural-quilts-double-kingsize-quilts-wooden-printing-blocks

See the full range of Natural Quilts double kingsize quilts !

Design your own quilts with Colouricious wooden printing blocks.

Join the Colouricious Club for more textile design ideas.

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