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Houston Quilt Festival Nov 2016


Quilting – go to the Houston Quilt Show

Mastering Quilting Techniques

Mastering Quilting Techniques


The art of quilting is one of the more popular crafting arts when it comes to our club members, so we have made sure that there are lots of ideas and techniques on our website to help you both learn the basics and the enhance your quilts with new techniques and ideas.
Quilts make for wonderful stitch projects and will be treasured by anybody that receives it as a gift or as a heirloom. Quilts that are passed down through the family will invariably incorporate many different designs that can show trends and styles over a long period of time. They are special pieces make learning the art of quilting so much more special.

We have several excellent videos to show you how to master several different quilting techniques. You take a look at them all by clicking on the video below.


We have an excellent DVD that will give you a beautiful introduction into quilting techniques as well as innovative ideas on how to combine colours in your crafting projects.

Our Printing and Patchwork DVD is an hour long course with me and Mary Gamester as we take you through ideas and techniques that will prove to be invaluable for your next crafting project. Click the DVD or the buy it now button to purchase your copy.

Inspired Printing & Patchwork DVD

If you are prepared to spend an extra 1 PENNY you can get my Block Printing DVD as well! Click the DVDs or the buy button if you want that deal!



Time To Book Your Holiday


The cold damp and frosty weather has finally arrived here in the UK and it is clear that its arrival has turned a lot of peoples thoughts to where they will be going on holiday this year. We have had several booking reservations this week and places are filling up quickly for many of the wonderful Colouricious Trips and Tours we have arranged.

Handicrafts & Culture of Kashmir – I am taking a group of craft lovers to Kashmir in July 2016 and would really love you to come with me to see the beautiful crafts – heaven on earth in the Himalayas – this holiday is planned to include the wonderful Hemis Festival in Leh. You can come by yourself, with a friend, daughter, mother, partner, granddaughter (ideal for textile & art students) or why not get a gaggle together of your creative friends, from your stitch/quilting/mixed media/embroidery group. We can only take 16 people of this trip and if you book by lst February you get £100 off for your early bird discount – . (the price is correct on the website).I am in South India at the moment and will be back in the office on lst February. So you can either book online or you can contact me on 01494 721 471 if you need help with your booking. Would so love to share this rare and special holiday. with you.

The Colouricious Creative Holiday Jaipur with Kim Thittichai in September is now FULLY BOOKED. We have arranged another Creative Jaipur for January 2017 which will be fully escorted by myself and Kim Thittichai. We have already had several people disappointed they couldn’t come with us in September so we are repeating the same holiday again in January. The online booking form is the best way to get your place reserved for this trip.


You will really have a wonderful time on any of these trips, making new friends and learning more about our wonderful creative world.


Animal Wooden Blocks


Our Animal Wooden Printing Blocks always prove to be very popular. Whether it is Elephants or Camels, Geckos or Hedgehogs we have a block or set of blocks that will be perfect for your next crafting project.

Perhaps our most popular animal block though is our Rabbits. We have several Rabbit sets which would be ideal for a project that you are planning for Springtime.


Bunny Wonderland


Bunny Flower


Daisy Bunny


Double Trouble

Just click on the set you would like and we will get it packaged up and delivered to you as quickly as we can.

Happy Block Printing!


Please Share

We need your help to help Colouricious grow, please! We are always looking for ways to spread the Colouricious word and get more people to know about us and the crafts that we do. By growing we will be able to expand our offering of blocks, holidays and anything else to do with crafting.

You can find us on Social Media as we have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. We would be very grateful if you could find some time to spread our message with your friends by sharing our Social Media posts or just telling anybody and everybody to come over to our website to take a look and subscribe to our newsletter.

Thank you all very much.



Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards
Jamie Malden

Altered Textile Art – Fabric for Quilting

Altered Textile Art – Fabric for Quilting

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Would you like to create your own quilt ? You can design your fabric by using Colouricious fabric paint and wooden printing blocks for this project.

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Bags, handbags and shopping bags – quilting arts patchwork

Bags – Quilting arts and Patchwork

These patchwork bags have been made differently, both in which you can try at home.

bag-art-craft-batterick-mccalls-patternsbag-Patchwork-handbags-sewing-ideasYou can make this patchwork bag or use a Vogue pattern. Then you can block print on top of your fabric using our Colouricious printing blocks. This is because it makes it easier for you to centralise your block print after you have stitched the sewing pattern together. bag-sewing-patterns-art-craft-ideas

This bag was made by block printing with our Colouricious printing blocks onto the fabric and then the fabric sewn together to make the bag. We recommend you use our Colouricious fabric paint as they are easy to fix with a simple iron and they are machine washable so you can keep on using your bag!
If you love art and crafts and looking for new ideas and blogs, supplies and inspiration, join our Colouricious Club a free weekly online news letter.

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Happy block printing!


Single Bed Quilts

Single Bed Quilts

bedding-sets-baby-bedding   bedding-sets-bed-set   bedding-sets-bed-single-quilt   bedding-sets-bed-single   bedding-sets-block-printing-embroidery   bedding-sets-block-printing-quilt   bedding-sets-cot-bedding-sets   bedding-sets-embroidery-flower   bedding-sets-flower-quilt   bedding-sets-quilt-printing-block   bedding-sets-quilt-single-bed    bedding-sets-single-bed-flow-stamps   bedding-sets-single-quilt   bedding-sets-single   secret-garden-single-bed-set-quilt3   bedding-sets-single-bed-quilts

 Natural Quilts are manufacturers of single beddings as well. Finest quality single beddings are produced along with various other sizes. These single or twin size quilted bedspreads are more than just bed quilts. These single quilts are just like snuggle blankets that are ideal as beach blankets, throw blankets or even picnic blankets. Each throw blanket is handmade using the softest, finest and most colourful cotton. The size of our single bed quilt is 60″X90″. Single beds in U.K. are 2.5ft or 3ft wide. Our single bed quilt is 5ft wide, so the overhang will vary depending on the width and height of the bed. Our designs are loved and appreciated as girls bedding, boys bedding, toddler bedding and teenage bedding. The whole family enjoys the comfort of our wide variety of single quilts. They indeed make you sleep comfortably. Our single bed quilts collection comprises of a range of single quilt & quilt cover sets in various sizes for your bedroom as well as the children’s room. Teenage single bed quilts are also available to get the desired look. We have a stunning collection of single bedding that is single quilts for teenagers and the entire family. Single Bed Quilts are all individually designed and handmade with special care and attention to every detail. Each single quilt is distinctively designed, handmade, and given its own quirky title for easy recognition. So whether it is called single bedding or single quilt or single quilts or single bed quilts, we make it all. Our world famous Jaipuri Single Bed Quilts are available in traditional hand block prints of Rajasthan. Jaipuri quilts are set apart from other quilts because of their incredible feather-lightness, softness and of course warmth. Our products present a great example of conventional craftsmanship of Rajasthan. The quilts are superb not only in looks and feel but also in terms of utility and functionality. These good looking, fluffy, hand-made quilts are a specialty of Jaipur.

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