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Kids craft patchwork quilting

Patchwork for children

Here is a kids craft idea for patchwork quilting.

Quilting-patchwork-block-prints  Quilt-in-a-day  patchwork-kids-crafts-block-printsKids crafts is so much fun using block prints. during the holidays why not try block printing a quilt in a day. Children can easily block print lovely patchwork pieces to stitch into a colourful quilt. Quilting for youngsters can be very rewarding if you use great colours and wooden printing blocks. if you want to know how to make a quilt here are some simple instructions.

How to block print your own fabric

1) Choose a selection of random sized fabric to use as your patchwork.

2) Block prints are created using wooden printing blocks to print onto each piece of patchwork. Remember you must have a foam mat underneath your fabric to create a clear block print.

3) Children can just print in straight rows for a simple and easy effect.

4) Try and play with different patterns with your wood stamps to create different designs. There is so much you can do with just one block by rotating it and placing it in different positions.

5) Use Colouricious fabric paints which you simply iron to fix. The fabric paints that we recommend are very reliable. When they have been fixed the colour stays permanent and you can wash your fabric up to 40 degrees without damaging the paint. Also the fabric stays soft and is not hardened by this paint.

Watch this video on how to block print

See the full range of Colouricious wooden printing blocks

Have a look at the best fabric paints that we recommend you use for your block prints to create your own patchwork quilts.

Young quilters guild is a wonderful organisation to promote and help youngsters to learn how to quilt by joining a local quilt group.


Surface Decoration Ideas with Colouricious

Surface Decoration Ideas with Colouricious

Surface Decoration 05

Getting an appealing decoration to the surface of the fabrics that you use in your craft project will really make it stand out. There are lots of different ways to get a decorative pattern. You can use our wonderful wooden blocks to create a unique pattern, or perhaps you could try just painting directly onto the fabric, or maybe blend and merge fabrics to create your decoration.

Click on the picture below to see Marilyn Pipe use Lutradur to create a unique surface decoration.

Surface Design Video
Marilyn Pipe has lots of very creative ideas when it comes to surface design and decoration. Colouricious is delighted to have a dedicated video featuring Marilyn Pipe where she shows you how to use techniques that you will be able to master to bring your projects to life every time. The DVD is for sale on our website and you can see exactly what techniques Marilyn covers by visiting our webpage.

Click on the video below to be taken to our website.


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Textile Holidays

colouricious textile holidays

As you read this newsletter we are almost half way through our first trip to Vietnam. Everything is going well and we are all enjoying visiting this wonderful country. The sights, sounds and atmosphere is making for a wonderful trip and I have no doubt that we are all going to have memories to last a lifetime from our trip to Vietnam. If the idea of a tour of Vietnam is appealing to you, we have arranged two further trips later in the year that you can join us on. To reserve your place, visit of Vietnam webpage, download the booking form and send it over to me; we would love to see you on the trip!


If Vietnam is not for you then we have lots of other holidays arranged that are equally exciting. Take a look at the Holidays page of our website to find the trip that is most suitable for you. I am sure there will be the perfect holiday for you!

Colouricious Holidays

Latest Arrivals


We have recently added a Goodie Bag containing some wonderful Sisha Mirrors to our Latest Arrivals. If you like to add some shiny elements to your craft projects, then these Sisha Mirrors will be perfect for you. You can check out all of our latest arrivals by visiting our website.


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To see in the New Year we have set up Free Delivery for all orders over £70. This offer is automatic so will not require any special codes and will apply to sales from all countries.
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Baby Quilts

 Baby Quilts for sale

Baby quilts for sale – this bedding is perfectly soft and sumptuous for little people

Baby Quilts

Natural Quilts – special offers

  • Natural Quilts are
  • 100% cotton
  • hand block printed
  • machine washable
  • colour fixed
  • super soft
baby quilts
This baby quilt has hand block printed birds on vegetable dyed cotton
baby bedding
Dabu printed fish designs on this baby quilt, click to learn more
baby quilts
Another dabu printed baby quilt with fish and ferns. Click to learn more.
Baby quilts are wonderful gifts for you, your family and for new babies that have popped into this world! They make great presents if you need a unique idea that is slightly different to what everybody else gives. Click here to see the full range of baby quilts that are now reduced by 50%. Half the price, but twice the snuggle factor.
baby quilts
baby quilts
baby bedding
baby bedding
Colouricious is proud to support the work of the block carvers, the printers and the makers of these fabulous natural Indian quilts.
Learn more about Colouricious 

The Embellishing Machine

Use an embellishing machine for creating a new surface

Myfanwy Hart is a acclaimed British textile artist who specialises in machine embellishing and hand dying fabrics. Myfanwy runs creative textile workshops in Hampshire and across Britain. Myfanwy shares her creative know-how in the Colouricious Inspired Embellishing Level 1 and Level 2 DVDs – for you to learn more about the embellishing machine for projects and techniques. . Myfanwy also featured in the Colouricious TV series Talking Threads, demonstrating how you can hand dye fabrics at home. In the Talking Threads Christmas Special Myfanwy shows you how to create a delightful Christmas stocking using felt and an embellisher.

Watch and learn how to create new surfaces with the embellishing machine
In her own work, Myfanwy uses dyed and decorated papers, hand threads, yarns, fabrics and fibres which she often manipulates with the Embellisher, a machine needle felter.
Buy one get one free – embellishing workshop dvd

Learn more about Myfanwy Hart and the courses she teaches – visit her website today. You can either attend one of her workshops in person, follow her blog and/or buy her two specialist embellishing machine projects dvds. To buy an embellishing machine, we know that our Janome machine is very reliable.
Contact The Fabric and Sewing Centre to see if they can supply you with a Janome Sewing Machine.
Talking Threads” was a tv series about Textile Art. Each week the programme featured a different British textile artist, who talks, demonstrates and shares textile techniques. This tv series is still available on a double dvd.

Talking Threads

Buy one get one free  Buy the Talking Threads double dvd and get the Christmas special free

Learn even more – go to the Colouricious website to see a whole magical world of textiles from block printing, to surface design, to textile techniques.

There is something there you will love!

textile art dvds
Buy the set of 8 Inspired textile art dvd for just £90


Learn more about textiles at the Colouricious website – if you love textile art, from block printing, to embroidery to textile techniques, you are in for a a wonderful time!

Weaving rugs – contemporary & traditional natural rugs

Weaving rugs – contemporary and traditional natural rugs in India

Weaving rugs is amazing. Watch this video to see how beautiful rugs are hand woven in India, usually natural hand dyed wools. Weaving is an amazing form of textile art that is practiced all around the world. Everyone who loves textile art will love this video. Come on a  Colouricious textile holiday to see textile art being produced first hand. This is a fabulous experience and everyone who loves textile craft and design can’t miss out!

Learn more about Colouricious Textile Holidays

Look at our other videos on our Colouricious YouTube channel.

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