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Letter Art Wooden Stamps

Letter Art Wooden Stamps



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Letter Art Wooden Stamps

Now you can block print your own words, messages and names onto anything and everything that you like to hand print. Using our hand carved wooden printing blocks, these alphabet stamps aka wood blocks are a wonderful size to hold in your hand, especially for children too. Mix and match lots of back ground techniques to really create some colour contrasts in your work.

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See our huge selection of Colouricious Wooden Printing Blocks

Block printing is a wonderful way of printing your own fabric and printing your own papers.

Clay Art using Air Dry Clay

Clay Art using Air Dry Clay

Try pressing wooden printing blocks into air dry clay to make embellishments for your clay art.
If you love air dry clay projects, be creative by combining your clay craft with wooden printing blocks. Colouricious has an amazing range of block prints that are available in all shapes and sizes, in an amazing array of shapes and patterns. 

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