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Create your own Fabric Designs

Create your own Fabric Designs


At Colouricious we are as passionate about the fabrics we print on as the blocks we actually use to print.

We love to make different designs of fabric for our projects and it is really a lot easier to do than you may think. Take a look at the video below and you will see how we can make our fabric designs for our next project from the left over inks on previous projects!


Our DVD Inspired Block Printing gives you loads of ideas of how to create your own fabrics and what to do with them. It is one of our most popular DVDs but as our gift to you, we are letting you download it for free now just by visiting our website.

Inspired Block Printing - DVD

Download for FREE!

Halloween Idea


Now the nights are drawing in and with Halloween and Bonfire Night just around the corner, you maybe thinking about some more vibrant and colourful crafts projects to celebrate these occasions. We have the perfect answer for you with a set of fluorescent paints that will look great on dark fabrics, and create a magical effect. If you would like to grab a set, then head over to our website and place your order.

Buy our Fluorescent Paint

Latest Arrivals

We have just received another delivery from our carvers in India and the boxes were full of lovely designs that have enabled us to create some delightful sets. The blocks were mostly the larger designs which we know are always very popular, but we have added some smaller blocks into some of the sets as well. As usual, click on the image of the set you want to be taken to our website to get your set.


Giant Paisleys
Our Paisley Patterned blocks are always very popular and I am sure these one will be no exception. 6 Larger blocks with a mat, sponges and a cleaning brush.

Buy Now


Bold Patterns
4 detailed large headline blocks for those larger craft projects that can have these bold deigns as a feature image.
Buy Now


Precious Peacock
New Peacock sets are snapped up very quickly by our regular customers and I think this set will be in demand as usual. We have added some gorgeous patterns to our cute Peacock to make this set even more desirable.

Buy Now


Happy Hoppiness
In amongst the larger blocks were these delightful ones that we thought would look excellent together. the rabbit and tree are the headline designs, but the dainty flower and leaf blocks make this a very beautiful set.
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Gorgeous Gujarat


Colouricious is delighted to announce that we have just opened the popular trip to Gujarat for 2017. The spectacular trip will take place in November next year from 7th – 19th. In this 13 day trip you will get to explore the Gujarati region of India taking in sights and sounds as well as visiting workshops and seeing how the villagers design and create their beautiful textiles.

The region of Gujarat is also the home of the world famous Kite Festival of Uttarayan. Made famous in books such as The Kite Runner, The Kite Festival is a uniquely Gujarati phenomenon, when the skies over most cities of the state fill with kites from before dawn until well after dark. The festival marks the days in the Hindu calendar when winter begins turning to summer, known as Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan. On what is usually a bright warm sunny day with brisk breezes to lift the kites aloft, across the state almost all normal activity is shut down and everyone takes to the rooftops and roadways to fly kites and compete with their neighbors. We will be able to see the start of the Kite production in the streets of Ahmedabad.

Watch the video below about the Leading Ladies of Gujarat to give you an idea of what you will see and experience on this beautiful holiday.


If you would like to join us in November next year, then head over to our website and use the online booking form to reserve your place. It is a fantastic trip and we would love for you to join us.

Colouricious Club Member Deals

The arrival autumn brings a whole new look to our gardens and plants, and it was seeing the leaves falling from the trees that inspired this weeks special club member deal.

Pick any of the blocks or sets from our Leaves and Trees section and receive a 20% discount on every set from this group that you purchase.

You can find the sets to choose from by visiting the Leaves and Trees page of our website and using the code below.


Leaves and Trees

As usual, the code is only valid for 1 week and will expire on Sunday 30th October.

Quilt Shows

The Dublin Knitting & Stitching Show proved to be extremely popular, it was wonderful to meet you all that came along. We shared some wonderful stories and crafting ideas, and the show was a great success.

We have two more shows in November and we would love to meet you if you can make it along to either of the shows.

West Country Textile Show – 11th – 13th November

Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show – 24th – 27th November

Printology is so popular we are doing it twice! But only spaces now for October.


Our February Course is now full!

As we expected, our Printology Workshop proved to be very popular and we filled the February course in just over 1 month. We sort of guessed that this would be the case which is why we have already organised a second workshop for October next year.

The second course is going to run from 26th – 29th October 2017 and we are now taking deposits so you can reserve your place on the workshop. If you want a place on the October workshop act quickly to grab your space.

Come and See me at a Quilt Show for FREE!

We have a couple of tickets left for the West Country Quilt & Textile Show. The tickets are for Sunday 13th November and the show is at the University of the West of England Exhibition Centre. We also have some free tickets for the Dublin Knitting and Stitching Show as well, which is at the end of this month

If you would like a ticket for either of these shows all you need to do is purchase anything from our website and add a line in the note box that you would like a ticket and we will send it out with the items you purchased. I am afraid this will have to be a first come, first served offer, so they are gone the offer will be over. If you are one of the lucky ones though, I look forward to seeing you there!

October Deal of the Month


Christmas is coming!

I know, I know, we are only just into October and the sun is still shining, but I have seen some Christmas adverts and the shopping channels are already mentioning it, so I don’t feel too bad about reminding you all that Christmas is not that far away. For us crafters, we have top be even more organised if we are going to produce home-crafted gifts and cards for our friends and family. I was talking with one of our club members who is already preparing her designs for gifts, and she told me about her 6 year old grandson who loves joining in with when when she block prints and is going to make gifts himself for all his teachers this year.

So, now we have all agreed that Christmas is on its way, what is the special offer?

Well, we thought we would give you the chance to combine our beautiful Christmas blocks with something you can print on and give as a gift. Buy any one of our Christmas Block sets and you will get a free tea towel to block print and create a lovely festive gift. The deal gets better though as if you buy two of the Christmas sets, you will get 3 free tea towels and buy three sets and get 5 free tea towels. No code or comment to make when you order, just choose your sets and we will do the rest.
1 Christmas Block Set – 1 Free Tea Towel
2 Christmas Block Sets – 3 Free Tea Towels
3 Christmas Block Sets – 5 Free Tea Towels

To see the choice of block sets for this offer you can visit our October Offer page.

It is a great deal and I am sure anybody who receives a hand printed tea towel will love it.

Learn how to Paint on Silk


Learn the art of silk painting and how silk is spun by silk worms, in these wonderful videos. You will love learning about the fascinating production, followed by the gorgeous silk fabric that are produced. Check out our full range of silk painting supplies and create what you are able to see in these videos.


If this has piqued your interest in painting on silk, then check out all of the kits and accessories we have on our Silk Painting page.

Fabric Paints

Fabric Paints

Gelli Plates

Gelli Plates

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers



Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards
Jamie Malden

Experiment with dyeing fabrics

Experiment with dyeing fabrics


One way to make your crafting projects look really special is to dye your fabrics before you start block printing, embroidering, embellishing or stenciling. Dyeing will make your fabric unique and can really enhance the patterns you have chosen to add to your project.

We have several videos on our website showing you the best way to dye your fabric, but the one I like the best is with Myfanwy Hart. Myfanwy will take you carefully through every step of the dyeing process, making sure you get the dye where you want it on the fabric and not too much on your hands! You can watch the video here.

Bandhani Video

The Colouricious YouTube channel has lots of wonderful craft technique videos for you to watch. We have a play list of 9 videos dedicated to dyeing fabric with different textile artists showing you new and exciting ideas for dyeing and painting fabrics. You can watch the videos by clicking on the picture below.

Dyeing Video 2

If you enjoyed watching these videos please subscribe to our YouTube channel. We are regularly adding more videos that I am cure you will find interesting and informative.

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We are back in Paint!

Fabric Paints - Delicious Set   scrumptious-fabric-paint-painting-300x300

Fabric paints for block printing   Metallic-fabric-textile-paints


We have just taken delivery of a large order of our wonderful fabric paints. I have tried lots of different fabric paints for textile crafting, and I am certain that the paints we offer are by far the best I have ever used.

We have the lovely four sets of 6 miniature bottle with sponges and a small mat, as well as the larger 200ml bottles in a huge range of different colours.

Head over to the fabric paint page of our website to see all the different colours you can choose from.

May Day Special

May Special
We have put together a fantastic deal for May that covers everything you will need to get started on your next crafting project.

Pick one of the wonderful wooden block sets:
Tropical Birds

Woodland Plumage

Happy Hiibou

Choose one of our beautiful paint sets:



We will throw in a set of two large foam mats that are essential for effective block printing AND a lovely 12″ x 12″ Art Deco Leaves stencil.

Buying all four of these items individually would cost you over £93, but we have put this offer together for a price of only £65. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, then head over to our website and buy the May Special set.


Join us for a Embroidery tour of West Bengal


Come and join in on our kantha stitch embroidery textile tour of West Bengal to learn about Indian heritage, hosted by our Colouricious representative. During your textile holiday you will be exploring the Indian traditional techniques of kantha stitch, block printing, batik, macrame, embroidery and textiles, and many more truly unique experiences, many of which will be in remote villages, off the beaten track. The tour is in January 2017, and is for 14 days. It is a hugely popular tour and we highly recommend it if you enjoy embroidery and want to learn about different stitching styles


If you would like to join us in January, then head over to our website and use the online booking form to reserve your place. It is a fantastic trip and we would love for you to join us.


Win a trip to India


If you would like the chance to win a place on one of our Indian holidays or alternatively £1,000 cash, then why not enter the Colouricious Competition. Just go to our competition page and pick a set of blocks that you like and make your purchase. You will be entered into the competition, with one entry for every competition set of blocks you buy. We are adding new sets all the time, so keep an eye on the competition page and get your set to be in with a chance of winning a holiday of a lifetime.





Silk Painting

Colouricious Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers


Gelli Plates


Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards
Jamie Malden

Embellish with Felt

Embellish with Felt

Felt Crafts
Felt is a wonderful textile that is made by pressing, compacting and matting fabrics together. It is durable and easy to work with, and is often the first fabric that children encounter when they get a chance to do fabric crafting.

The possibilities of using felt in a textile crafting project are endless and each project can be as complex or simple as you want. From making a side-stitched purse to detailed flowers, felt is the fabric to use.

Colouricious has a Felt Craft page on its website which includes several videos on how to use felt in projects as well as embellishing to further your felting techniques.

Felt Craft Video

If you are interested in felt embellishing then we also have two super DVDs that covers all aspects of this craft. We are running a special offer at the moment that means that if you buy the Level 1 Embellishing DVD you will get the Level 2 DVD for free! To take advantage of this offer please use the link below.


Buy Now

Christmas Tutorial

There can be no doubt that giving loved ones a hand made Christmas Card is the perfect thing to do, and if you are a crafter like us, then there really is no excuse for not going that extra mile.
We have an excellent video on our website that can show you one of the many ways to make your own Christmas Cards. You can watch it by clicking the video below.

Christmas Card Video


Ideas for Christmas


Stamping Kits for Kids

Colouricious Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers




Silk Printing Kits


It’s Cold Outside


I am sure it will not have escaped the notice of all of the UK members of the Colouricious Club that it has taken a decidedly turn for the colder in the last few days. It is when the days get colder that our minds inevitably turn towards holidays in warmer climates and what we are planning to do next year.



Colouricious have a super itinerary of really exciting trips and tours organised throughout 2016 to locations all over India as well as Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Vietnam. Each holiday is a tailor made trip taking in all of the most important sights and experiences in the regions and countries we will be going to. If you are interested in coming with us on one of the holidays, please visit our website and choose the holiday that most appeals to you. Each one is distinctly different, but they will all give you days of enjoyment and memories that will last forever. But don’t take our word for it…

From Kaye :-
“Thank you so much for a wonderful trip it was more than I could have ever imagined. My mind is now able to take it all in & looking at all the wonderful photos everyone is putting up is jogging the memory!”

From Anne :-
Your zest for everything is infectious and inspirational … thank you for putting up with us all …

If this has tempted you, come on over to our website and pick your holiday of a lifetime. We can’t wait to see you!

Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards
Jamie Malden
PS We have a favour to ask of you ……
when you watch one of our you tube videos actually on the you tube site, and you have enjoyed it, please can you click on the thumbs up! Thank you!

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Wax Print

Wax Print

Wax print or Batik originated in India. The word batik actually means ‘wax writing’.

To decorate cloth by wax print you have to cover a part of the cloth with a coat of wax and then dye the cloth. When the wax is removed the contrast between the dyed and undyed areas makes the pattern, as the waxed areas keep their original colour.
The beauty of wax print is its simplicity. Some of the best effects in batik are often achieved by chance. Batik is very popular in southern India and is an amazing way of printing fabric.

Wax print is an amazing way of textile design and you will be able to experience it up close on our Colouricious textile tour to Southern India. You will be able to try it out for yourself when you get home, and achieve some amazing results. Wax print designs come in a large range of colours and patterns and you will be amazed when you see the whole textile printing process.

You will love our Colouricious textile tour to Southern India to see wax print up close! Everyone who loves textile art will love this!

Have a look at our other textile tours, perfect for everyone who is in love with arts and crafts!

Types of Printing

Types of Printing

On our Colouricious holiday to Jaipur you will be able to see many different types of printing – all using block prints! You will learn first hand about Dabu printing, and many other fabric printing techniques! You will be able to see the blocks being made first hand by Indian carpenters. They are all hand crafted, made with beautifully intricate designs.

printing-on-fabric-textile-tourcraft-textile-printing-techniquesfabric-designs-textile-tourcraft-stamps copy

Dabu printing is a method of block printing using mud, vegetable pastes and natural dyes. It is special to the area of India we will be visiting, and the designs all come out magnificently! It is all done manually so you will be able to appreciate how much hard work goes into these fabulous designs!


You will even be lucky enough to try a textile workshop where you will try many different types of printing! The prints you try are always amazing whether they are amazingly intricate block print designs or very simple block print designs. This holiday is perfect for anyone who loves fabric design and wants to try many different types of printing with expert printers!


Take a look at the Colouricious block printing textile holiday to Jaipur, ideal for any who loves fabric design! You’ll be able to see the whole process of fabric design and block printing first hand.

Why not take a look at the wide range of printing blocks available at our Colouricious shop? Here you can not only browse our fabulous collection of wooden printing blocks, but learn how to use them with your fabric printing!

Take a look at our other Colouricious textile holidays. They will be equally as amazing for any fabric design enthusiast, we offer so many destinations – from the Golden Triangle in India to a trip through Vietnam, or even Houston, Texas in the USA!

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