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Wonderful Rogan Art

Wonderful Rogan Art

Rogan Art

You can be excused if you have never heard of Rogan Art before as it is only practiced in the Kutch district in the Gugurat region of Western India. Rogan Art involves the painting of a castor oil-like paint onto silk fabric and then dyed with natural paints. The designs are intricate and detailed and can take many hours of painstaking work to complete.
Given the scarcity of Rogan Art (it isn’t even that well known in India) it is not something you will see very often on crafting sites but we do have a page on the Colouricious site that is dedicated to Rogan Art and show you some of the wonderful designs that can be created using it.

Click on the picture below to see our fantastic gallery of Rogan Art

Rogan Art 09

We are planning to see this textile art first hand during our textile holiday to Gujarat, that is available for booking now! So if you love this style of hand painting textile – Rogan Art then do come with us to see this for yourself in Gujarat which in in the Western Region of India. You can travel independently (advisable for our American & Australian guests), and join the group in Ahmadabad. Come by yourself and meet like minded ladies, come with a friend/sister/neighbour/mother/daughter – the more the merrier! We have a wonderful guide called Gulam who specialises in this region so you will have top quality experiences, with me as your host too!


An exciting year for Colouricious Holidays

Colouricious Holidays

We are really excited about the up coming months as we have some wonderful trips and tours planned. The Luxury Holiday in March in fully booked as is the Creative Jaipur in September. We are repeating that trip again in January 2017 so you do not miss out!

Our visit to Kashmir in July has really caught your attention as it is a wonderful region to visit with lots of fantastic scenery as well as lots of textile art and crafts to see and do. We have incorporated the Hemis Festival as well into the trip so there really is something for everyone on this tour. There is now only a handful of places left after we mentioned it in last weeks newsletter, so if you don’t want to miss out, then reserve your place now. You will go to places and see amazing sights that you never knew existed!

Kashmir arts-crafts-holidays-Colouricious


In the Rogan Art section we mentioned about our trip to Gujurat in October. We will be incorporating lots into this 14 day trip including workshops incorporating silk weaving and bead work, screen and block printing, yarn dyeing, and several others that we know you will really enjoy. We will also be attended a shisha embroidery class which is my personal favourite activity!

The western region of India has a very deep history of tradition and culture and they use embroidery and shisha mirrors in a lot of their crafts. This will be a super trip to go on and we would love for you to join us.

If you are interested in this tour of Gujurat, then visit our website and use our online booking form to reserve your place.



Beautiful Gift Sets

You will love the new gorgeous wooden block sets that would be super to use for some of your Spring craft projects. They are crammed packed full of blocks of all shapes and sizes, and some also have sets of fabric paint as well, so you really are getting a craft project in a box! Because each block is hand carved, we have a limited number of each set, so if one or more of these catch your eye, then get over to our website and make your purchase to make sure you get your wish!


Dragonfly Garden


Floral Woodland


Indian Summer


Olive Branch
Just click on the set you want and we will get it sent out to you as quickly as we can.

Happy Block Printing!


Please spread the Colouricious word


Many of you have been spreading the word about the Colouricious newsletter – thank you. We need your help to help Colouricious grow, please! We are always looking for ways to spread the Colouricious word and get more people to know about us and the crafts that we do. By growing we will be able to expand our offering of blocks, holidays and anything else to do with textiles.

You can find us on Social Media as we have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. We would be very grateful if you could find some time to spread our message with your friends by sharing our Social Media posts or just telling anybody and everybody to come over to our website to take a look and subscribe to our newsletter.

Thank you all very much.


Learn, Create, Be Happy!

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Jamie Malden

Altered Textile Art – Fabric for Quilting

Altered Textile Art – Fabric for Quilting

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Would you like to create your own quilt ? You can design your fabric by using Colouricious fabric paint and wooden printing blocks for this project.

For more ars and crafts ideas, join the Colouricious Club.

V&A Exhibition The Fabric of India

V&A Exhibition The Fabric of India


V&A Exhibition The Fabric of India – This exhibition at the V&A Museum in London is one of the most exhibitions to visit, in our opinion. Visit this exhibition to learn about the heritage and culture of Indian textiles, in what The Times newspaper refers to as dazzling craftsmanship. What is really magnificent is Tipu Sultan’s tent which is the largest item in the exhibition. Not sure about the 19th century dress embellished with beetle wings. During the last Colouricious block printing holiday to Jaipur, we did actually see a local craftsman processing these beetle wings. So that textile technique still goes on. Many of the 10,000 items have been part of the collection made by the East India Company that was created in the 18th century. As you travel through the exhibition,  you will learn about raw materials, from silks, cotton, wool, goat hair, and move onto natural dyeing techniques from Indigo to pomegranate, block printing and weaving. The most exciting aspect of this exhibition is that so many of these techniques have been witnessed by guests attending our Colouricious Textile Holidays. So please do go and visit this exhibition to start your journey of discovery for Indian textiles.

Go visit this fabulous exhibition of The fabric of India at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Having been to this exhibition and are hungry to learn more about Indian textiles, then come on a

Colouricious Textile Holiday to India

Fabric Printing Techniques

Fabric Printing Techniques

On our Colouricious block printing holiday you will be able to learn from the many different fabric printing techniques you will get to see. This trip is perfect for every fan of block printing since you will be able to see such a large range of fabric printing techniques. From block printing to Dabu printing, this holiday is amazing. The vibrant colours and fabulously detailed designs of the fabric printing will have you so inspired, so that when you get home you too will be able to try out these fabric printing techniques! The fabric printing industry in India is so exciting and you will get to witness such an interesting part of it on our Colouricious block printing holiday to India this December. You will be personally escorted to many fabric printing workshops and be able to learn and understand a wide range of new fabric techniques.

fabric-paint-designs-craft      colouricious-craft-supplies

textile-printing-techniques  craft-textile-printing-techniques

You will find the Colouricious block printing holiday perfect if you love arts and crafts!

Take a look at some of our other Colouricious textile holidays available.

You can find some amazingly designed Colouricious block prints in our shop.

Single Bed Quilts

Single Bed Quilts

bedding-sets-baby-bedding   bedding-sets-bed-set   bedding-sets-bed-single-quilt   bedding-sets-bed-single   bedding-sets-block-printing-embroidery   bedding-sets-block-printing-quilt   bedding-sets-cot-bedding-sets   bedding-sets-embroidery-flower   bedding-sets-flower-quilt   bedding-sets-quilt-printing-block   bedding-sets-quilt-single-bed    bedding-sets-single-bed-flow-stamps   bedding-sets-single-quilt   bedding-sets-single   secret-garden-single-bed-set-quilt3   bedding-sets-single-bed-quilts

 Natural Quilts are manufacturers of single beddings as well. Finest quality single beddings are produced along with various other sizes. These single or twin size quilted bedspreads are more than just bed quilts. These single quilts are just like snuggle blankets that are ideal as beach blankets, throw blankets or even picnic blankets. Each throw blanket is handmade using the softest, finest and most colourful cotton. The size of our single bed quilt is 60″X90″. Single beds in U.K. are 2.5ft or 3ft wide. Our single bed quilt is 5ft wide, so the overhang will vary depending on the width and height of the bed. Our designs are loved and appreciated as girls bedding, boys bedding, toddler bedding and teenage bedding. The whole family enjoys the comfort of our wide variety of single quilts. They indeed make you sleep comfortably. Our single bed quilts collection comprises of a range of single quilt & quilt cover sets in various sizes for your bedroom as well as the children’s room. Teenage single bed quilts are also available to get the desired look. We have a stunning collection of single bedding that is single quilts for teenagers and the entire family. Single Bed Quilts are all individually designed and handmade with special care and attention to every detail. Each single quilt is distinctively designed, handmade, and given its own quirky title for easy recognition. So whether it is called single bedding or single quilt or single quilts or single bed quilts, we make it all. Our world famous Jaipuri Single Bed Quilts are available in traditional hand block prints of Rajasthan. Jaipuri quilts are set apart from other quilts because of their incredible feather-lightness, softness and of course warmth. Our products present a great example of conventional craftsmanship of Rajasthan. The quilts are superb not only in looks and feel but also in terms of utility and functionality. These good looking, fluffy, hand-made quilts are a specialty of Jaipur.

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