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Craft Ideas Block Printing Aprons


Here is a wonderful craft idea for block printing your own aprons. you can print fabric using wooden printing blocks to make your own personalised apron. You could buy a plain white apron and block print that with perhaps some leaf wooden printing blocks that you can see here.

printing-aprons-craft-ideas block-printing-aprons

Alternatively if you are very good at sewing and like using apron patterns, you could buy some white fabric, make your own apron and then using our Colouricious wooden printing block add your personalised textile design.

personalized-print-at-home-apron apron-patterns-block-printing

If you are looking for white cotton to buy we recommend a wonderful fabric company called Empress Mills

We recommend you use our Colouricious fabric paints because they are easy to fix with simple ironing and then the fabric is permanently fixed.

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