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Block Printing Artist Jamie Malden

Jamie Malden MA Ed (Hons) is a professional block printing artist who teaches the art of Indian wood block printing using hand carved wooden printing blocks.

The majority of her teaching  is based in the UK

  1. Printology
  2. Group invitations in the UK
  3. Group invitation to the US, France, Jersey, Germany & Holland
  4. Block Printing Holidays India

Jamie was educated in Roehampton with an Honours Degree in Education & Art and also she attained her Masters Degree in Art in Education from the Institute of Education London. Jamie has been a teacher in London for 30 years. Her career culminated as a headmistress for 25 years in one of the top London preparatory schools. Having retired from the public sector at the age of 50 and till bursting with creative energy, Jamie created Colouricious which is a philanthropic project to give block makers work.

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