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Magic Stamp – This is a packet of 8 moldable foam magic stamps, each measuring 3inch x 4inch x 1inch. Mold and remold and endless variety of textures and objects. Molded image will remain until you reheat. Great for stamping or stencilling on paper, fabric and wood.

textile-deisgn-fabric-printingStamping is so much fun, and your experience will be made even better with the Magic Stamp products. Stamping can be so creative and provides endless possibilities, these foam stamps let you make your own stamp, and can be remoulded again and again. You can choose any design you want when you learn how to make a stamp, any house hold item will do – even a few old buttons! The Magic Stamps are made out of very clever mouldable foam which you can change of the design of using just heat! There is a variety to choose from, from simple rectangular blocks to an assorted collection of geometric shapes. These foam stamps can be used by everyone, no matter what age or stamping ability. Add this to your stamping collection of craft stamps to give a new life to your fabric printing fun! You will never run out of patterns and textures, as you can create anything you can imagine on these foam stamps! Why not try the following textures with your Magic Stamp; rubber bands, rice grains, bark, shells, jewellery or flowers.

Learn how to use the stamps on YouTube.

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