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Tribal Art Designs

Adinkdra Symbols – african patterns and designs to print fabric

best-fabric-paint-printingSee the Colouricious range of wonderful fabric paints and glitter pens.

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We absolutely love and adore tribes, people, ancient civilisations, patterns and tribal art. If you do too, then we would love you to come on our

Tribal Textile Art Holiday.

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Fabric Paint

We have the perfect fabric paint for block printing onto fabric. The reason we love this paint so much is because it is so easy to fix – simply iron the fabric, as hot as it will bear, and then your printing is permanent and will not wash away. Our Delicious Set of Fabric Paints are particular suitable for printing tribal art designs, as the colours are so vibrant and you can mix them too, to make your own colours and tones. Happy Block Printing!

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See our full range of Colouricious Wooden Printing Blocks


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