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Medieval Design

Medieval Design

Medieval Design is creative and fun when combined with Colouricious wooden printing blocks! These designs produce intricate and beautiful designs when printed onto fabric, and combine the art of medieval design with arts and crafts, giving a creative end product.

Block printing your own fabric is a wonderful way of creating a unique fabric design, which you can then use with your Butterick patterns. You can create fabric designs and pieces that you can treasure and keep forever. You simply need Colouricious fabric paint, your medieval design blocks, and some fabric of your choice. It is that simple!

This video you are about to watch demonstrates how to make a bag using these butterick patterns, and how to block print. 

Butterick sewing patterns – how to make a bag

If you are block printing onto fabric we recommend you use textile paint. It is easy to fix by simply ironing then you can wash your fabric at up to 40 degrees!

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