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Hand Stitching with block printing trees


Leaves and trees are very popular shapes that really suggest a whole host of creative projects. There are so many directions you can take your leaves design. Hope the video above has given you some ideas to get started with your leaves design – however, we are sure that you have got many ideas of your own. We would love you to share your ideas with us. Simply email us with a photo of your work and we will put it on our website, in order to inspire others.colouricious-textile-art

Have a look at how creative you can be with just one wooden printing block …

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You might like to have a look at our metallic set of  Colouricious fabric paints as they are perfect if you are printing your leaves with an autumnal feel.


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Using Colouricious wooden printing blocks, here are some ideas and inspiration for your textile art

arts-crafts-printing-techniques block-printing-crafts-ideas Block-printing-fabric-art block-printing-trees-leaves-design fabric-design-block-printing fabric-patterns-craft-iedas-design ideas-projects-block-printing printing-craft-ideas-textiles projects-ideas-block-printing textiles-fabric-design-patterns tress-block-printing-fabric wooden-printing-blocks-trees block-printing-arts-and-crafts block-printing-textile-design embroidery-printing-blocks hand-block-printed hand-printed-wallpaper-wooden-blocks how-to-block-print-your-own-fabric sewing-crafts-textile-recycling textile-design-activities-children textile-recycling-block-print textile-recycling-sew-cushion-covers wood-pattern-craft-projects wood-printing-block-projects-for-children


Once you get the hang of block printing you will really be thrilled by the results that you can create. Do try and experiment for surface design and embroidery too.

block-printing-craft-ideas block-printing-paper-printing-paper-craft block-printing-sewing-projects-craft block-printing-sewing-projects-textile-art block-printing-textile-art-card-making block-printing-textile-art-ideas-embroidery block-printing-textile-art-wooden-printing-blocks-craft block-printing-textile-design-tree-designs   block-printing-textile-printing-textile-design craft-ideas-block-printing craft-ideas-textile-printing-textile-design fabric-art-block-printing-wooden-printing-blocks


And here are some examples of what you can create using the Leaf Wooden Printing Blocks.


block-printing-textile-art-ideas block-printing-textile-design-textile-printing craft-ideas-block-printing-textile-design craft-ideas-block-printing-textiles


See the full selection of Colouricious wooden printing blocks

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