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Fabric of India – Block Printing

Fabric of India – Block Printing

Block printing is a very important part of the Indian textile industry. Many Indian fabrics are hand block printed, with the most amazing designs.

Block printing is a popular form of textile design, and is simple enough that you can learn to do it yourself at home! On our Colouricious trip to Jaipur, you will visit several block printing workshops where you can take your newly learnt skills home, and try it out with your own fabrics! The fabric of India varies from simple to detailed, and being able to see experts block print first hand is an amazing experience you’ll never forget! This trip is ideal for everyone who loves the fabric of India and textile design.

The V&A are doing a fabulous display of the fabric of India for a limited time from 3/10/15 – 10/1/16 showcasing the best of Indian textiles. 

Everyone who is interested in textile design and the fabric of India have to come on our Colouricious textile holiday to Jaipur.

We also offer several other Colouricious textile tours and holidays to India.

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