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Diwali | India Holiday Packages

Diwali – India Holiday Packages

Come and visit Rajasthan during the amazing festival of Diwali with us on our India holiday packages where we go on a spectacular textile tour!

Jaipur Palace Diwali

Diwali is the five-day festival of lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world – although it is not exclusively celebrated by people of these religions – many other people join in on the festivities too! The festival, which coincides with the Hindu New Year, celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness, and is the most exciting of all Indian festivals!


This favourite festival of Indians commences every year on the dark nights of Diwali with the sound of firecrackers. Homes are decorated beautifully, tasty sweets are distributed by everyone and thousands of colourful lamps are lit to create a world of fantasy. Of all the festivals celebrated in India, Diwali is by far the most glamorous and important. It is enthusiastically enjoyed by people of every religion, its magical and radiant touch creates an atmosphere of joy and festivity, which you will be able to experience on our textile tours. 


The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance, although the actual legends that go with the festival are different in different parts of India: in northern India (including Rajasthan) and elsewhere, Diwali celebrates Rama’s return from fourteen years of exile to Ayodhya after the defeat of Ravana and his subsequent coronation as king. Whatever may be the fables and legends behind the celebrations of Diwali, all people exchange sweets, wear new clothes and buy jewellery. You are sure to be impressed if you come on our Colouricious textile tour of Rajasthan.

Learn more about Diwali

Come on our Colouricious textile holiday to Rajasthan to experience the fabulous festival of Diwali!

Explore our other available fabulous Colouricious textile holidays.

Let’s get patchworking

Let’s get Patchworking
We will guide you every step of the way!


Patchwork, as its name implies is the craft of sewing together pieces of fabric to make one larger design. The options for patchwork are pretty much endless as you can use pieces of fabric any size to make your larger design. For beginners, it is easiest if you start with all your pieces the same size and ideally in a shape that can simply be put together with no gaps and spaces. However, for the more adventurous of you, we can help you with all different shapes and sizes and have videos showing you how to make place mats, art journals and much much more.

You can take a look at our videos here

Patchwork Video

If you really take a liking to patchwork, then why not try strip patchwork, log cabin, crazy patchwork or folded circle patchwork. The designs and styles are endless!

Inspired Printing Patchwork

This Colouricious DVD “Inspired Printing & Patchwork” is aimed at beginner level patchwork – this dvd is presented by textile artist Mary Gamester, teaching the Patchwork and myself, teaching the block printing combined with colour theory. If you know how to patchwork, this is a wonderful teaching tool for the youngster in your family – as you could teach them over the summer how to get started on patchwork and printing your own fabric, which would them be special moments together. Mary will be at the Festival of Quilts too, so please do go and visit here too as she has some wonderful ideas to show you about Transfer Paints.


Latest Arrivals
It’s always good to add a bit of glitter!


In amongst our latest arrivals this week are some wonderful fabric glitter pens. Now those of you that use my fabric paints will know how good they are, I really do believe they are some of the best paints available for fabric crafters. These glitter pens will enable you to so much more precise with where you put colour and glitter. It will really make your projects and designs stand out. they come in a set of 5 and you can read more about them and place your order here.

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For those of you interested in new blocks, we are continually adding to our collection, with the most gorgeous birds, trees and leaf blocks in this delivery from India. Check out the latest arrivals section of our website as that is where you will see them first.


Colouricious Holidays
Amazing Trips to India and Vietnam

colouricious textile holidays

Our Textile Holiday Trips and Tours of India and Vietnam are proving to be extremely popular this year with record numbers coming with us as we explore and experience the wonderful sights and sounds of Rajasthan and Jaipur in India and pretty much the full length of Vietnam. There are still some places available for these trips in 2015, but we now also have a full itinerary for 2016 with super tours organised to South India, West Bengal as well as to Jaipur and Rajasthan. We also have a special trip organised for September next year which will be hosted by me and my good friend Kim Thittichai. We have not actively promoted this trip yet and we already have had high levels of interest, so if you would like to come with Kim and I as we explore new creative idea around India, then please visit our website and reserve your place. This is a special trip that we know will be extremely popular and great fun as well.


Festival of Quilts
Birmingham NEC UK – 10 days and counting!

Festival of Quilts

It is only 10 days to go until one of the biggest quilting shows gets underway. If you are a regular visitor to the Festival of Quilts, then you will know what I mean when I say the “biggest”. With over 300 exhibitors you are spoilt for choice as to what to look at and there are several workshops as well where you can watch first hand as quilters show you their tips and tricks. If you are coming to the exhibition make a note of Stand F40 which is where I will be. It would love to see you, so please come and say hello. There will have lots of things to show you all on my stand – our show special is Gelli Plates – which we will be demonstrating with the best prices possible!

Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards
Jamie Malden
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Golden Triangle India – Barmer

Golden Triangle India – Barmer

Camel Riding, Thar Desert

Barmer is the second largest district of Rajasthan, and a part of the Thar Desert, otherwise known as the Great Indian Desert, within the Golden Triangle India.

Barmer on a map of Rajasthan

Similarly to all the other districts in the Thar desert region, Barmer is famous for its folk music and dance, and arts and crafts products.

The city is well known for its fabulous wood carvings, carved wooden furniture and magnificent hand block printed textiles. Sadat Bazaar is the main centre for buying embroidered clothes as well as carpets, pottery, intricate embroidered fabric and pouches, rugs, blankets and shawls , and will be an exciting spot for you if you come on our Colouricious textile tours in the Golden Triangle.

   rajasthan-tourism-textile-holidays  textile-tours-rajarthan-tour-packages

Come on our Colouricious textile holiday to Rajasthan to discover and explore the amazing area of Barmer!

Explore our other available Colouricious textile holidays.

Learn more about Barmer

Lets make your own Jewellery

Make your own Jewellery
You can make some lovely elegant pieces


Making your own jewellery is not always the first idea you would have when you think about the different projects you have made in the past, but we at Colouricious are always looking to give you new ideas of things to make so we thought we would throw this one into the pot. These necklaces and bracelets are made from Angelina fibres. The fibre has a supersoft handle, much like cashmere, but has been produced in such a way that even just a little added to a fibre mix will result in a sparkling effect. Angelina Fibres can be spun, woven, layered, trapped, bonded, etc. Its applications in textile art, embroidery, papermaking, papier maché, modelling, card and candle-making are endless.

You can watch the video here.

Jewellery Video

If you are a die-hard block printer and want to use your favourite blocks to make some jewellery then never fear we have the answer with another video on the same page which shows Sue using some block printed paper to make some gorgeous beads that can threaded onto cord or elastic to make some beautiful necklaces and bracelets.

Give it a try, I am sure you will be able to make something spectacular!


Win a trip to India
Somebody will win a trip of a lifetime


We are only 6 weeks away from the closing date of our fantastic competition to win a place on one of our super tours of India. To enter you just need to go to our website and buy any of the competition packs of blocks we have on sale. Each competition pack you buy will get you one ticket in the draw to win the prize. The holidays are very popular so you can be sure that you will be winning a really wonderful prize.

Head over to our website now to get your blocks and confirm your entry.


Latest Arrivals
Something for Everyone!


The Latest Arrivals section of our website is crammed full of new blocks ready to use.

If you are looking to try and create some depth in your next project, then block printing a textured background image onto your fabric and then using your chosen block on top of that can make a very effective design. It will also make your project completely unique and look wonderful. The set of blocks above will be perfect for your background design and you can purchase them by clicking on the button below.

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Quilt Shows
It’s that time of the year again!

Festival of Quilts

We are only three weeks away from the Festival of Quilts at the NEC. The show opens on Thursday 6th August and closes on Sunday 9th. As always Colouricious has a stand and will be there for all four days. We are on stand F40, so if you are coming to the show please make your way to our stand and say hello, we love to see all the Colouricious Club members and if you do say hello, I am sure I will be able to come up with a really special deal for you!

Free Delivery

Buy three products and there is no delivery charge!
We are going to continue our new free delivery option for a little while longer. It has proved to be very popular with people who haven’t ordered with us before, so we are always keen to let everybody have the opportunity to take advantage of this super offer.
Just add three products to your shopping cart and delivery if free. Any three products, either different products or 3 of the same product it makes no difference. Delivery is free worldwide, so it doesn’t matter if you are in Australia, Japan, California or around the corner from me in Amersham!

Learn, Create, Be Happy!

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Jamie Malden
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Golden Triangle Tour India – Jaisalmer

Golden Triangle Tour – Jaisalmer

golden-triangle-india-tourThe fort of Jaisalmer is a breathtaking sight, located a few hundred miles west of Jaipur, it is nicknamed the “Golden City” due to it’s beautiful architecture all carved from the same magnificent golden-honey sandstone – and is the perfect place for any arts and crafts lover on their Golden Triangle Tour. Inside you will find shops teeming in bright embroideries, a royal palace and numerous businesses ready and waiting to barter you a good price for their handmade crafts. Behind the magnificent walls, particularly to the north, the narrow streets of the old city conceal magnificent havelis (Indian mansions) also carved from the golden-honey sandstone.

 jaisalmer-golden-triangle-tours  golden-triangle-tour-textile-tours  rahjastan-textile-tours

A city that has been revived to its former glory in the past half-century, Jaisalmer may be remote but it is in no way a forgotten city– it is actually one of Rajasthan’s biggest tourist destinations. Jaisalmer is a much more laid-back, hassle-free place to stay than many other destinations on your Golden Triangle tour.

Jaisalmer on map golden triangle tour
Jaisalmer on a map of Rajasthan

Come on our Colouricious textile holiday to Rajasthan to discover and explore this spectacular city!

Explore our other available Colouricious textile holidays.

Learn more about Jaisalmer

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