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Card Making with Block Printing

Block Print your own Cards
An easy way to display your crafting skills

Card Making

Card Making is probably the easiest way to show off your creative block printing skills. Home made cards are all the rage and are appreciated so much more than the shop bought versions. There are lots of ways to incorporate block printing into your cards, and we have a page on our website that shows you how to do it with a step by step video, presented by Julia Phillips who loves dyeing fabrics and block printing. You can watch it by clicking on the video below:

Card Making Video

To personalise the cards you make, you will need some alphabet blocks and we have a wonderful selection of letters in different styles and sizes.


Buy your Alphabet blocks here


Join us in America
The Houston Quilt Festival is the biggest in the world!

houston image

At the end of October we are off to Houston to visit the Houston Quilt Show. This is the largest Quilt show in the world and we will be able to meet and talk to fellow quilters to discuss techniques and ideas. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet up other crafters and I am sure you will come away with lots of new ideas for your next crafting project. We will also have some time for some shopping as well! I cant think of a better way to spend 5 days; crafting, quilting with some shopping thrown in for good measure. Just watch the video below to get another taste of last years show, it look wonderful and I am really excited to be going.

Houston Video

If you would like to join us on this trip then head over to our website and download the booking form, we would to see you on the trip.

Download the booking form here


Block Printing Workshops
A wonderful way to learn as a group in my home.

Block Printing Workshop

I have organised 5 workshops to be run from my home in Amersham Buckinghamshire UK. They are on various different block printing skills that you have told me you would like to learn more about. I love the workshops as it gives me a chance to meet up with passionate stitchers and share the knowledge I have gained in various different textile techniques. The workshops are great fun and we all have a laugh and really enjoy ourselves. There are lots of great deals on offer to the people who come on the workshops as well, so they are excellent value for money.

If you are interested in joining us on any of the workshops, then go to our website and choose the workshop you would like to go to. We look forward to seeing you.

Remember that if you have entered our competition to win a textile holiday to India, you get a free workshop. Just email me your first and second choice and I will confirm which date you get. The places are on a first come first served basis so please do book asap!

Book your Workshop here


ColouriciousTextile Holidays
A trip of a lifetime to explore tantalising textiles of India.

colouricious textile holidays

As well as our trip to Houston in October, we have a number of other holidays to India and Vietnam arranged for 2015 and 2016. These trips are wonderful and everybody that goes comes away with memories and pictures that will always be with them. Here are just a few of the many testimonials we have received from people who have been on Colouricious Textile holidays in the past.

One happy husband – Peter
” Dear Jamie, I should just like to thank you for making Lesleys’ trip to Jaipur so memorable. She was a little nervous before she set off, going that far away from home, but your arrangements and organisation were excellent. I understand that the itinerary was varied and very enjoyable and she just loved the Tuk-Tuk experience when traveling around. Coming home with so much fabric and unique printing stamps etc, took a long time to unpack, with a full explanation of each given to me as it came out of her case! I just know that she will want to repeat the trip someday! With many thanks again “
From Katy
“Despite having always wished to visit India, nothing really prepared me for the wonderful experience of the Colouricious Orissan tribal textile tour. The tour exceeded my expectations in every possible way, India is a true assault on all senses, the scent, taste, sights and sounds were all more vivid than you could hope to imagine, it was a truly life changing adventure. We met some amazing and talented artists, were generously welcomed into homes and extremely privileged to experience tribal crafts in a fantastic landscape and in circumstances that few Westerners will ever experience.”
From Kaye
“Thank you so much for a wonderful trip it was more than I could have ever imagined. My mind is now able to take it all in & looking at all the wonderful photos everyone is putting up is jogging the memory!”
These are three comments from many people who have loved our trips, and many of them have enjoyed themselves so much that they have booked onto other trips to expand their experiences.

If you would like to join us on one of our amazing trips, then head over to our website, choose the tour you would like to go on and reserve your place by downloading the booking form and and sending it off to me. I assure you, the trip will exceed even your greatest expectations!

Choose your Colouricious Textile Holiday here


Latest Arrivals
New stock will be shown here first.

I have just returned from a 3 week tour of Scotland and really enjoyed myself meeting Colouricious Club members, helping them and learning from them. I am now back in the office and have a mountain of new stock to get onto the shop. The Latest Arrivals section is where you will see these items first, so keep your eyes peeled as I will be starting to add new products this week! I am really excited about these new products and I am sure you will be too.

Check out the Latest Arrivals here

Rag doll – Handmade personalised dolls sewing ideas

Rag Dolls

rag-doll-block-printing-stuffed-teddy-tatty-teddy rag-doll-tatty-teddy-how-to-make-a-ragdoll-personalised-arts-cratfs-block-printing     rag-doll-block-printing-soft-toys-personalised-arts-crafts-sewing-patterns       arts-crafts-block-printing-children-sot-toys-pattern-making-sewing


Rag dolls are great arts and crafts for the family. Block printing your own fabric for these rag dolls will make them extra special and unique. Personalise your fabric using our Colouricious wooden blocks. Our Colouricious fabric paints can also make the fabric bright and colourful! They are easy to use with a simple iron and can be washed at a 40 degrees wash!
Rather than buy your own sewing patterns just design your own pattern!
Check out the history of rag dolls!

Natural Quilts – Baby Bedding

Baby Bedding

Our handmade baby bedding sets are soft baby quilts in a bag. These soft, cuddly crib bedding make unique gifts for Baby Showers. These baby blankets are suitable for cot bedding and as soft throws, wraps or picnic rugs. These blankets are also ideal as presents for Christenings, Birthdays and Christmas. All in all, they are cozy comforters in a bag for toddlers! Handmade baby quilts manufactured by Natural Quilts are block printed thus achieving a distinctive look. Having reached every nook and corner of the world, our baby beddings have a huge selection to choose from.

As a producer of baby bedding, it has been our intent from the start to provide the customers with highest quality bedding for children. Our entire range of products has been developed with the well being and comfort of children in mind. Our baby bedding is made to last and is generously sized for growing children. These soft cot quilts are 45″X56″ and come in a bag. All our baby bedding sets & baby quilts are handmade as a result of which their quality is much higher than other quilts. They are truly 100% natural handmade baby quilts.

Every day hundreds of children fall asleep nestled in Natural Quilts bedding. This is something to be proud of, but simultaneously, a great responsibility as well. With this ideology in mind, our baby bedding sets, baby quilts can be said to be among the finest in the handmade baby quilts category. In doing so, we have set a new trend on the market for baby bedding manufacturers.

A variety of colours can be achieved using natural dyes that are why most of our fabrics are printed and dyed using Natural Dyes. The resulting fabrics vary from one batch of dyeing or printing to the next making each piece exclusive and worth buying and treasuring.

natural-quilts-baby-bedding-  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-art-quilting  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-arts-and-crafts  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-craft-idea  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-craft-ideas  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-craft-supplies  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-crafts-ideas  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-fabric-art  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-fabric-arts  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-idea  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-ideas  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-quilting-art  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-quilting  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-sets  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-technique  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-textile-art  natural-quilts-baby-bedding-textile-arts

See the full range of Natural Quilts baby bedding sets !

Design your own baby bedding set with Colouricious wooden printing blocks !

Join the Colouricious Club for more arts and crafts ideas.

Shopping bag block print your own fabric design

Shopping Bag printing ideas

This wonderful bag has been created using a post it note shaped as a heart which has acted as a resist to our Colouricious fabric paints. You then block print onto the fabric in a darker colour to create an individual textile design.

sewing-patterns-bag-making-art-craft-shopping-bagsBuy your own sewing patterns, cut your bag pattern out, block print on to it, then sew together to create your personalised shopping bag. You could also try block printing on the lining to create your personal touch. Have a look at our Colouricious printing blocks to get our started on your textile design journey.


We recommend you use our Colouricious fabric paints because they are easy to fix with simple ironing and then the fabric is permanently fixed.

If you love art and crafts and looking for new ideas and blogs, supplies and inspiration, join our Colouricious Club a free weekly online news letter.

Wonderful benefits of joining :

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Happy block printing!

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