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Owl – Decor – Sewing Patterns – Sewing Ideas

Owl Patterns
owl-sewing-patterns-ideas-art-crafts               owl-door-stop-block-printed-pattern        owl-decor-patchwork-art-crafts

Here is a new gift idea for you – have fun making these as a gift – you fill your soft toy with weights to make it into a door stop, you could stuff it to make into a teddy bear- the list goes on with different ideas you could do with these sewing patterns. As well as having this pattern available on our website, we also have got the most wonderful selection of owl wooden printing blocks that you can buy.

Learn about the life of owls

Whole piece quilt block printing textile craft ideas

Whole Piece Quilt

Whole piece quilt making is a great tool for you to use up recycled fabric! Block printing over the top of old fabric can create wonderful effects. First start by taking a whole piece of fabric, it can be commercial fabric, hand dyed or even some recycled fabric (such as an old duvet cover or old curtains perhaps!) Lay the whole cloth on the table, remembering to place a foam mat under the area that you are block printing. You can either start your printing in the middle or start with the border. Create patterns as you go along. Think too about the orientation of your designs and that will help you with either your pattern theory or your random printing. We find it easiest to start block printing from the outside inwards. You can combine different printing techniques too with rubbing plates & markal sticks, with stencils and with dry sponging. The more you combine these skills, the more creative your whole piece quilt will be. Once you have finished printing the front you can then stitch that to the back with some piping to make your whole piece quilt. No piecing together, this quilting technique is relatively quick and easy.

We recommend that you use Colouricious Fabric Paints as they are easily fixed to be permanent by ironing the fabric both sides. If you have a tumble dryer you can heat fix your fabric by tumble drying it for 10 minutes on a hot setting.

Happy Block Printing!

Have a look at our animal Colouricious wooden printing blocks and our leaf and trees Colouricious wooden printing blocks


quilts-quilting-easy-quilts whole-piece-quilt-quilting quilts-patchwork-easy-quilting quilted-fabric-quilting-patchwork quilting-quilt-patchwork-beginners printed-textiles-quiltingpatchwork-quilts-beginners-printing-arts-crafts-quilt   block-printing-textiles-quiltingpatchwork-quilt-quilting-beginners

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Tea Cosy Pattern, fabric printing, easy sewing projects

Tea Cosy Pattern

tea-cosy-pattern-art-crafts       tea-cosy-pattern-block-print-art-crafts

Tea cosy pattern to keep your cup of tea warm!
Here are some good examples of some tea cosy pattern’s you can make using our Colouricious printing blocks. There are also many beginner tea cosy sewing patterns available to buy if you fancied making your own.

tea-cosey-block-printing-pattern-art-craftTry printing your lining as well using our Colouricious fabric paints you can create a bright and exciting printed pattern.

Check out these instructions to make your own tea cosy

 Happy Block printing!

Craft Gelli Plate Textile Design Workshop


Be Inspired for Textile Design

Get inspired for textile design with this one day Colouricious workshop. You’ll learn how to create your own beautiful fabrics with a range of different textile techniques. You will be taught how to block print onto fabric, creating layers of textile design, choosing from a wide selection of wooden printing blocks. This is a versatile textile technique which can be used for many different fabric or paper craft projects. You will also be experimenting  with a variety of found objects and a lot with stencils, building up the different patterns on your fabric.

 Geli Plates and Textile Design


Gelli Plates are gelatine stamps, but are durable reusable for all your craft printing needs. On this workshop, you will be inspired by the different patterns and textile designs you can achieve with this simple technique.

Learn More…

This Colouricious textile design workshop takes place onTuesday the 10th of June and costs £45 for the day inclusive of all materials. This includes your own 6 x 6 gelli plate that you will use all day and take home with you, but it will help if you bring your own roller. To learn more about this one day course, keep an eye on our workshops page  or get started early and buy geli plates from our online craft supply store.

Scrapbooking with Colouricious

Learn Textile Techniques with Colouricious


Scrapbooking is one of the most popular paper crafting pastimes, and Colouricious have lots of wonderful ideas and videos to show you how the creative use of block printing can take your scrapbooking to the next level.

Not only do we have lots of videos showing you how you can use lovely block printed sheets to enhance your scrapbooks and the images you put in them, but we also have a video from Linda and Just Scrapbooking showing you how you can make a scrapbook as well! It is well worth watching.

Click on the picture below to see all our videos on Scrapbooking.

Scrapbook Video

We have a section in our online store for scrapbookers which has loads of different things that you can use to enhance your scrapbooks. We have some lovely stencils, blocks and trimmings that would all be perfect for a scrapbooker. Why not go and take a look.

Click on the image below to be taken to the scrapbook section of our online store.


Watch our new video – Arts & Crafts in Hmong Village

Hmong Video


click here to check out our

Special Offers

Textile Holidays



We have decided to be a bit different when it came to the next holiday we organised. Rather than our usual locations of India and Vietnam, our new holiday is in Houston, Texas for the Houston Quilt Festival in October. This is the largest Quilt show in the world and we will be spending 5 days in Houston for a good dose of retail therapy either in the Quilt Festival or in Houston itself. The holiday includes a pass to all four days of the Festival plus the preview night as well. You will see some wonderful quilts which are all judged with the best winning some wonderful prizes at the end of the show. There are a number of different videos showing peoples trip to the festival, but I have picked out this one from last year which I hope will give you the flavour of the event.

If you are interested in going on this trip, then visit our Houston Festival webpage and download the booking form to reserve your place.

click the video below to another quilters experience at the Festival in 2014

houston video

Check out the other Textile Holidays we have to offer you.

Colouricious Holidays

Come and See Us

Olympia London UK
5th – 8th March 2015
The Spring Sewing & Knitting Show finished yesterday and the show was wonderful. Thank you so much to everybody that came over to say hello. I hope you all liked the new block printing items we had for sale, and I am sure you will be able to create lots of wonderful projects.

We will be letting you know shortly at which show we will next be exhibiting.

 New Stencils


We have just got into stock some lovely new stencils that are proving to be very popular. Our range of stencils are growing very quickly as we see just how keen you all are to buy them. If using stencils plays a big part in your crafting projects our you are interested in starting out with these wonderful stencil designs, then go over to our website to check them all out.


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