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Quilting Arts with Colouricious

Happy New Year

This is our first Colouricious newsletter of 2015 and we would like to wish all of our Colouricious Club members a healthy, happy, peaceful, creative and successful 2015. We have lots more great ideas for this year for you to enjoy and we look forward to sharing lots of new textile techniques and ideas. We will be continuing to send you free, around the world, online textile inspirations every Monday morning. We would be very grateful if you could share this resource with your friends as the more people we reach, the more creative the world will be! Thank you for your enthusiastic support.

Quilting Arts with Colouricious


The art of quilting is one of the more popular crafting arts when it comes to our club members, so we have made sure that there are lots of ideas and techniques on our website to help you both learn the basics and the enhance your quilts with new techniques and ideas.

Quilts make for wonderful stitch projects and will be treasured by anybody that receives it as a gift or as a heirloom. Quilts that are passed down through the family will invariably incorporate many different designs that can show trends and styles over a long period of time. They are special pieces make learning the art of quilting so much more special.

Click on the video below to see all of our fantastic videos on our Quilting Arts page

One of Britain favourite quilting artists is Di Wells. Watch, learn & be inspired by her television episode of Talking Threads.


The featured DVD is perfect for people who want to learn about quilting and who want to learn new textile techniques from the actual artists . This DVD was a British TV series that Colouricious produced featuring leading British textile artists. Our stocks are running low, so do buy a copy before they are all gone! You can read more about this DVD and purchase it by clicking on the picture here. Every order for this dvd, gets a free copy of the Talking Threads Christmas special too.

Talking Threads

If you are interested in getting the DVD for your collection then click below to find out more and to place your order.

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Latest Arrivals


We have added some wonderful new items to our Latest Arrivals page for 2015. There are some wonderful new blocks as well as some gorgeous dabu fabric that would be perfect for quilting. You can check out all of our latest arrivals by visiting our website.


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To see in the New Year we have set up Free Delivery for all orders over £70. This offer is automatic so will not require any special codes and will apply to sales from all countries.

Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards

Jamie Malden

Embroidery & Textile Art Holiday India

Embroidery Heritage Textile Tour – West Bengal, India

Dates of this holiday are Sunday 22nd March – 2nd April 2015

Come and join in on our textile tour of India to learn about  Indian heritage, hosted by textile artist Jamie Malden of Colouricious. During your textile holiday you will be exploring the Indian traditional techniques of block printing, kantha embroidery and textiles, and many more truly unique experiences.

Only 2 places left – book now to join in this fun adventure

There are still have a few places left for the Tribal Textile Tour commencing 3rd April.

Textile Art – Embroidery – Colouricious Textile Holiday

For full details and booking form visit Colouricious Embroidery Holiday to West Bengal

22 March (Sunday): Depart Heathrow Airport London

FLIGHT DETAILS:London Heathrow Dubai  EK2  Emirates Airlines  22-03-2015   13.35   23-03-15   00.35Dubai     Kolkota    EK570     Emirates Airlines  23-03-2015  02.00   23-03-15   07.40Kolkata   Dubai  EK571   Emirates Airlines        02-04-2015 09.45   02-04-15  13.10Dubai   London Heathrow EK5   Emirates Airlines  02-04-2015 15.45 02-04014     20.15
ACCOMODATION 11 nights Hotel, Bed, Breakfast & evening meal

 23 March (Monday): Arrive Kolkata. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel. Lunch will be on direct payment basis at the Hotel.

Afternoon, enjoy visit to Gariahat Market which sells whole array of items ranging from clothing to crockery to fashion accessories and so on. Stay overnight at Hotel in Kolkata. Gariahat falls under Ballygunge area and is a retail market for saris (not only from typical Bengal but from all across India), jewelleries, crockeries, good restaurants and altogether provides a long stretch for window shopping too. It is the hub and shopping capital of South Kolktata

Overnight is at the Hotel Peerless Inn, Kolkata [Superior Room with Breakfast & Dinne

 24 March (Tuesday): Breakfast is at the Hotel. Drive Kolkata – Panchla to witness zari work. [35 Kms: 1 Hr] Panchla is famous for zari work. Zari embroidery with gold zari, seed pearls, sequins and beads is mainly produced by Muslim craftsmen of Panchla with six basic designs – leaf, flower, bird, animal, geometric and filler. Packed lunch will be arranged on direct payment basis. After  lunch, coach drive to remote Shantiniketan. [185 Kms: 4.5 Hrs] Stay overnight at Hotel in Shantiniketan.

Overnight is at the Hotel Mark and Meadows, Shantiniketan [Standard Room with Breakfast & Dinner]

 25 March (Wednesday): Breakfast is at the Hotel. After breakfast, you will visit Katna village. [95 Kms: 2.5 Hrs]

In Katna, you will take part in a Kantha weaving workshop. Lunch will also be arranged in Katna itself. Kantha holds a very special place within the village life in Katna. In Katna, you will enjoy a workshop on Kantha weaving. The process of Kantha work goes in a way that the new fabric to be used for the top and the bottom layers of the Kantha is first cut and then stitched according to the desired size. The bottom layer is spread on the floor and ironed. A second layer of soft white cloth is spread on top of it. A third layer of fabric is spread on top and all the three layers are secured together by long running stiches. Thread colours are selected for the quilting work and this is followed by embroidery work. Once the embroidery work is finished, the extra fabric is cut off from the sides to get a straight edge and a piping in matching colour is stitched along the edge for the finish and the label is added. The Kanthas are washed and ironed and are ready.

Colouricious-textile-holiday    kantha-textile-tour-India    textile-holiday-Colouricious

After  lunch, coach drive Katna – Murshidabad. [180 Kms: 4.5 Hrs] Stay overnight at Hotel in Murshidabad.

Overnight is at the Hotel Sunshine, Murshidabad [Standard Room with Breakfast & Dinner]

26 March (Thursday): Breakfast is at the Hotel. After breakfast, you will witness silk production and silk weaving in Murshidabad. Lunch will be at the hotel in Murshidabad on direct payment basis. After lunch, you will drive back from Murshidabad – Shantiniketan. [180 Kms: 4.5 Hrs] Stay overnight at Hotel in Shantiniketan.

Overnight is at the Hotel Mark and Meadows, Shantiniketan [Standard Room with Breakfast & Dinner]

   images-3  colouricious-textile-holiday  colouricious-textile-holiday

 27 March (Friday): Breakfast is at the Hotel. After breakfast, you will enjoy half day Macrame workshop. Macrame is a form of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting. Its primary knots are the square knot and forms of “hitching”: full hitch and double half hitches. It was long crafted by sailors, especially in elaborate or ornamental knotting forms, to decorate anything from knife handles to bottles to parts of ships. This macramé craft has been adopted from a foreign culture and has become an important craft in Birbhum since the part few decades. It provides a mean of livelihood to many villagers. Lunch will be on direct payment basis at the Hotel in Shantiniketan. Afternoon, participate in Batik workshop. The word batik actually means ‘wax writing ‘. It is a way of decorating fabric by covering a part of it with a coat of wax and then dyeing the fabric. The waxed areas keep their original colour and when the wax is removed the contrast between the dyed and non dyed areas makes the pattern. The crackle effect of batik is the most fascinating part which makes it unique. This results when the cooled wax is cracked to allow the dye to penetrate in the final dye bath.

Overnight is at the Hotel Mark and Meadows, Shantiniketan [Standard Room with Breakfast & Dinner]

 28 March (Saturday): Breakfast is at the Hotel. After breakfast, you will enjoy full day excursion to Bishnupur. [185 Kms: 4.5 Hrs one way] In Bishnupur, you will witness Baluchari saree weaving alongwith terracotta and conch shell products being made by the artists. Bishnupur is famous for traditional Baluchari silk saree weaving which bears a lot of similarity with the Katki design of Orissa. Today, you will visit local Baluchari sari weavers and see their working pattern. Their silk-on-silk embroidered textiles and garments are sought after by women all over India as a high end fashion item. Packed lunch will be arranged on direct payment basis. Stay overnight at Hotel in Shantiniketan. They carve intricate blowing shells and bracelets out of conch shell. The bracelets, which are often inlaid with red lac or gold, symbolize in West Bengal that the wearer is married. Generally, it requires more than a month of hard labour to design and style a conch shell and is clearly a costly item. Also, witness the beautiful art of Terracotta work, which again are characteristic of Bishnupur. The most famous of the terracotta products are the handmade jars, disks, jewellery, horses, elephants, Ganesha and Nataraja. The potters here derive their inspiration from the history of kings, soldiers and wars

Overnight is at the Hotel Mark and Meadows, Shantiniketan [Standard Room with Breakfast & Dinner]

textile-tour-India    textile-tour-India    textile-tour-India

 29 March (Sunday): Breakfast is at the Hotel. After breakfast, transfer to Bolpur railway station [Shantiniketan] to board your train to Howrah [Kolkata]. Train: Shantiniketan Express: 1310-1540 Hrs / AC-Chair CarArrival transfer from Howrah railway station to your Hotel. Stay overnight at Hotel in Kolkata.

Overnight is at the Hotel Peerless Inn, Kolkata [Superior Room with Breakfast & Dinner]

 30 March (Monday): Breakfast is at the Hotel. Morning, enjoy workshop at Kasba Weaver’s Studio to experience the local art of block printing and fabric dyeing. Day will be spent enriching oneself, learning and experiencing the art of hand block printing and fabric dyeing. A workshop on block printing will be organisedLunch will be arranged at Ballygunge Weavers Studio. Post lunch, indulge in some retail therapy at Ballygunge Weavers Studio. Stay overnight at Hotel in Kolkata.

Overnight is at the Hotel Peerless Inn, Kolkata [Superior Room with Breakfast & Dinner]

 31 March (Tuesday): Breakfast is at the Hotel. After breakfast, enjoy full day excursion to Phulia and Shantipur [95 Kms: 3.5 Hrs one way] which are known handloom saree weaving centres. Phulia specialises in a combination of jacquard and jamdani work while Shantipur is known for superfine dhotis and jacquards.  Shantipur – Phulia region has over 125,000 handlooms, churning out Shantipuri, Tangail, and Jamdani handloom sarees in a variety of yarns like cotton, tussar and silk. Dhotis, dress materials, stoles and scarves are also woven. These places shot to fame as a centre of handloom saree weaving, banking on immigrant weavers from Bangladesh. After partition of India, many skilled weavers of Dhaka came and settled in West Bengal around Shantipur and Phulia in Nadia district, both traditionally renowned centres for hand-woven fabrics. With government encouragement and support, the talented weavers soon revived their ancestral occupation and the art of exquisite weaving has once again flourished.

Packed lunch will be arranged on direct payment basis.

Overnight is at the Hotel Peerless Inn, Kolkata [Superior Room with Breakfast & Dinner]

textile-tour-India    textile-tour-India    textile-tour-India

 1 April (Wednesday): Breakfast is at the Hotel. Morning, enjoy half day visit to Gurusaday Museum. It is a National Treasure of Heritage. Presently, the museum has a collection of approximately 3300 exhibits of folk arts and crafts, thereby reflecting the vigour and vitality of the rural life and present a vivid picture of art and social traditions, religious beliefs, practices and motifs, aesthetic assimilation and cultural influences in undivided Bengal as well as in India.Lunch will be arranged at local restaurant on direct payment basis. Afternoon, enjoy visit to Dakshinapan Market famous for Handicrafts and Indian ethnic ware, is an open air complex which is spread over two floors. Above half of the total shops fall under Govt. of West Bengal and Central Govt. of India The market comprises mainly various types of State Emporiums, from all over India, dealing in handlooms, handicrafts, textiles, furniture, fancy goods and imitation jewellery. Stay overnight at Hotel in Kolkata.

Overnight is at the Hotel Peerless Inn, Kolkata [Superior Room with Breakfast & Dinner]

 2 April (Thursday): Breakfast is at the Hotel. Today, at an appropriate time, you will be transferred to Kolkata International airport to connect with your flight back home.

Kolkata to Dubai  EK571  Emirates Airlines   02-04-2015   09.45   02-04-15  13.10

Dubai to London Heathrow EK5  Emirates Airlines  02-04-2015 15.45 02-04014  20.15

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