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Indian Colours in your Craft Projects

Indian Colours

Indian Colour

Now the days are getting colder (at least they are in the UK!), what better time to start using the lovely warm and vibrant colours that you can see in all of the videos we have made from our wonderful trips and tours to India. The bright yellows, oranges and reds really bring crafting projects to life and will certainly make your next craft project really stand out.

Colouricious has a number of wonderful videos made on our trips and tours of India and they all show the lovely colours that you could be using.

Indian Colour Video
If you are tempted by the colours of India having watched the video, then we would welcome you on any of our textile trips and tours. Take a look at our Textile Holidays to see which tour you would prefer, they are all super trips of a lifetime.

Colouricious Tutorials

This weeks tutorial is perfect for this time of year. It is easy to do and will be perfect for working doing with children.

How to make a Christmas Cracker

If you have a particular tutorial you would like us to cover in more detail please contact us and let us know the tutorial you are looking for and we will do our best to get it uploaded and sorted out for you.

Gift Vouchers
Colouricious Gift Voucher

It is now only 3 weeks until Christmas so if you still have some gifts to buy then why not get some Colouricious Gift Vouchers. They can be used to buy any of the wonderful products we have on our website and would make the perfect Christmas gift for the crafters in your life. Check them out here.

Check out the Gift Vouchers here!

The Stencil Shop

We have a wonderful selection of Balzer Stencil Art Designs that have proved to be very popular with the Colouricious Club members. If you use stencils or are interested in learning how to use stencils on your block printing projects then this is the place to go.
Check out the video and our super selection


Textile Shows

The shows for 2014 have all finished now and we are planning our calendar for the 2015 shows. We will be updating our website and keeping you all informed of the shows we will be attending as soon as they are all confirmed.

Block Printing Workshops – More Workshops – Easier to Book!

Colouricious Workshop

We have arranged two workshops especially about Block Printing covering everything from Pattern Theory, Colour Mixing and Layering. If you are a keen block printer or just a novice then this workshop will be perfect for you. The dates of the workshops are:

Tuesday 6th January
Tuesday 13th January

If you are interested in attending this workshop then take a look at the Block Printing Workshop page of our website. Click on the booking tab and from there you can choose the date you want to attend and then make payment.

We have courses arranged for all of our workshops and we are planning on creating more workshops as well in 2015.

Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards

Jamie Malden

How to make a Christmas Cracker

How to make a Christmas Cracker

You will need:

Some Christmas hats
Some cracker snaps
Some snappy jokes
Some gifts
A4 Card
Paper or Fabric for decoration

How to make a Christmas Cracker Instructions

  1. Trim the A4 piece of card to about 15cm (6”) wide.
  2. Score three lines 6cm, 8cm & 10cm from each end of the card.
  3. Fold along the 8cm line from both ends and then fold back on the 6cm line at both end.
  4. Fold back on the 10cm lines so you create a “V” shape at both ends of the card.
  5. With the card still folded along the 8cm line, cut out small triangles along the crease line at each end to form the necks of the cracker.
  6. Make sure there are spaces between each triangle. These spaces need to be small enough to make the cracker easy to pull but not too small to make the cracker split.
  7. Roll the card up and roughly fix it together with tape. The tape will be hidden by your decorations.
  8. The cracker is now ready for decoration.
  9. Block printed paper pr fabric is perfect for decorating your cracker.
  10. Once decorated use some ribbon to tie up one neck of the cracker.
  11. Slide the cracker snap into place affixing it at both ends with some tape.
  12. Drop the gift, hat and joke into the cracker and then tie up the end with some more ribbon.
  13. Your cracker is now ready to be pulled and enjoyed!

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