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Weaving rugs – contemporary & traditional natural rugs

Weaving rugs – contemporary and traditional natural rugs in India

Weaving rugs is amazing. Watch this video to see how beautiful rugs are hand woven in India, usually natural hand dyed wools. Weaving is an amazing form of textile art that is practiced all around the world. Everyone who loves textile art will love this video. Come on a  Colouricious textile holiday to see textile art being produced first hand. This is a fabulous experience and everyone who loves textile craft and design can’t miss out!

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Look at our other videos on our Colouricious YouTube channel.

Creative Art Textiles

Creative Art Textiles

If you love creative art textiles, you will love gelli printing. This is a mono printing technique, using Gelli Art techniques. Watch this gelli arts play list to learn how you can improve your creative art textiles. This is perfect for any age or ability, and everyone who loves arts and crafts. Gelli printing design ideas are amazing, and you can produce such a large variety of items. Gelli plating is great fun and perfect for everyone who is creative.

Creative Art Textiles

to learn more visit Colouricious Gelli Plates

Take a look at our Colouricious youtube Channel for more videos on arts and crafts.

Print your own fabric with gelli arts

learn how to use gelli plates to print your own fabric and paper craft. Gelli arts are full of wonderful mono printing ideas for you to play with, combining various print making techniques.

Print your own fabric

We recommend that you use the best fabric paint – most fabric paint is plastic based which sits on top of your fabric. Colouricious Fabric Paint is water based so is absorbed into the fibres of your fabric, keeping it soft and not altering the handle of the fabric in any good. This really is the best fabric paint !

Once you had monoprinted your own fabric with fabric paint, simply iron the fabric, with a hot iron, to fix the paint. That way the paint will be permanent, will not wash out and the colours will remain strong and bold. You will be thrilled with the results.

Creative Workshops

Block Printing Workshops


Textile Workshops –  Block Printing Workshops with Jamie Malden


The teaching point for this textile workshop is about textile design. You will learn how to hand print your own fabric, which is then used for a huge variety of sewing projects. Perfect for quilting arts, textile art, patchwork and embroidery. If you are a quilting group then we will also develop your printing skills in this textile workshop by incorporating layers – combining colour contrasts and definition. In the textile workshop for embroidery groups you will learn how to create some stunning textile art for your stitching – be it hand or machine embroidery. These textile workshops are suitable for all levels – from total beginners to more experienced creatives.

When you book this textile workshop, you do not need to bring anything except an apron. All the materials, paints and wooden printing blocks are provided in the price. So learn to block print til your heart’s content!

Learn a little about the ancient history of block printing.

We have always had very positive feed back about our block printing textile workshops – as we have a busy structured day. Book Now!

If you are in interested in any of the Colouricious workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, or call us on 01494 72147

Jamie Malden MA Bed (Hons)

– professional block printer and textile tutor

My personal teaching style: – I have been a teacher for 30 years. I like my lessons to be well planned, prepared and organised. I like my students to always feel they have all got tasks to do and are not sitting waiting for the next instruction. Busy structured focused lessons. I am happy if at the end of my lessons, my students feel that they have learnt a great deal and have improved their skills. Different teachers have different styles and bring out different aspects in their class. I feel happy to teach didactically in a more formal structured way, to learn the rules, which we then move onto break! Happy Block Printing!

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Love Textiles  – If you love textile arts and crafts and looking for new ideas and blogs, supplies and inspiration, Colouricious specialises in promoting textile art featuring leading British textile artists.

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Staying Locally? Some of our guests like to stay in a B & B

Recommended by our ladies –

1) Manor Barn, North Road, Amersham Buckinghamshire HP6 5NA

Find out more about Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidering with Colouricious


Hand embroidery is a lovely way to embellish and bring your block printed project to life. There are hundreds of stitches that you can learn that will really make your projects unique and special. The beauty of hand embroidery is that you can add embellishments such as sisha mirrors and beads as you embroider to make more complex designs.

Colouricious has a Hand Embroidery page on its website which includes lots of videos on hand embroidery techniques from many of Britains leading textile artists.

Hand Embroidery Video
If you are interested in learning more about hand embroidery we have a DVD made with Gilda Baron that covers lots of the aspects of textile crafting, fabrics and embroidery. The DVD is on special offer at the moment, so why not take this opportunity to get this DVD; it would make a wonderful Christmas gift for a fellow crafter.

Inspired Textile Landscapes
Buy Textile Landscapes DVD

Colouricious Tutorials

This weeks tutorial is perfect for people who love making hand made gifts for Christmas and they technique is versatile enough to be used for many different projects.

Bead Making using block printing and old paper

If you have a particular tutorial you would like us to cover in more detail please contact us and let us know the tutorial you are looking for and we will do our best to get it uploaded and sorted out for you.

Colouricious Christmas Blocks


It is just over 5 weeks until Christmas so if you have plans to make any gifts or decorations now is the time to get started. Colouricious has a wonderful range of Christmas blocks for printing. I am confident that you will be able to find some blocks that would be perfect for your Christmas Cards or table decorations.

Check out the Christmas blocks here!

The Stencil Shop

We have a wonderful selection of Balzer Stencil Art Designs that have proved to be very popular with the Colouricious Club members. If you use stencils or are interested in learning how to use stencils on your block printing projects then this is the place to go.

Check out the video and our super selection

Colouricious Holidays

We have some wonderful trips and tours lined up for 2015 and we would love for you to join us. Each trip will be unique and certainly be something to create memories that will last forever. Whilst there will be a significant crafting aspect to each of the tours, it is worth remembering that India and Vietnam have so much to offer the traveller, that even the non-crafter will still find plenty to see and do. The sights, sounds and smells of these countries will stick in your mind as we explore and see villagers at work. The holidays will appeal to photographers and anybody who is keen on exploring and seeing India and Vietnam.


Visit our Textiles Holidays page to see the trips we have already organised for next year. Booking forms can be downloaded from each holiday page and you can reserve your place.

Colouricious Holidays

Our Next Textile Show

Our last show of the year finished yesterday and we are now back home working on our crafting ideas and gifts for Christmas as well as deciding which shows to attend in 2015. We will let you know as soon as we have sorted out our calendar where you can come and see Colouricious in 2015.

Block Printing Workshops – More Workshops – Easier to Book!
Colouricious Workshop
To complement the email we have organised a Hand Stitch Embroidery workshop to be held in Amersham. You will get the chance to spend the day with me as we learn new hand embroidery techniques.  The workshop will be run on:

Sunday 22nd February

If you are interested in attending this workshop then take a look at the Hand Stitch Embroidery Workshop page of our website. Click on the booking tab and from there you can choose the date you want to attend and then make payment.

We have courses arranged for all of our workshops and we are planning on creating more workshops as well in 2015.
Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards

Jamie Malden

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