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Explore West Bengal on a Colouricious Textile Holiday

Embroidery Heritage Textile Tour – West Bengal, India

The Embroidery Heritage Tour of West Bengal is a textile holiday taking in the wonderful sights and sounds of the region on a 12 day trip. You will start in Kolkata and visit Panchla, Bolpur, Katna and Bishnupur where you will explore traditional Indian Textile Techniques of block printing, kantha embroidery and textiles. You will also be able to try these crafts for yourself and bring home your efforts.


In Panchla you will be able to see zari work which is what Panchla is famous for. Intricate embroidery with seed pearls, sequins and beads is normally laid out in the traditional leaf, flower, bird, animal, geometric and filler designs which is mainly produced by the muslim women of the area


The Kantha weaving is very special to the people of Katna and you will get to watch a workshop on how this detailed weaving process is actually undertaken. A number of thin saris are put on top of each other and then hand sewn together with coloured yarn to create a padded quilt type item which is often used as bedding. Kantha is important to the women of this region. Each item is unique and is an expression of the woman’s thoughts and dream at the time she is working. Originally the kanthas were made for loved ones and relations and were never intended to be sold, however, with in the increase in tourists visiting this region, there has been a change in these ideals as visitors get to see the wonderfully designed kanthas that the women are creating.

Nakshi-kantha-Bangladesh  kantha-textile-tour-India  nakshi-kantha-Bangladesh


Bishnupur is well known for its traditional Baluchari Sari weaving. A Sari can take up to a week to complete and you will get to see the weavers at work and their working patterns. The Baluchari Sari has been granted the status of Geographical indication of India meaning it has been recognised that its production methods correspond to a specific geographic location and the item enjoys the reputation and prestige of that status.

This is just a brief snapshot of three of the wonderful places you are going to visit on this Textile Tour. It is a wonderful insight into the ways of life of traditional craftmen and women of the West Bengal region of India and would be a wonderful trip to take for anybody interested in learning more about weaving and the textile crafts of this area. For a more details itinerary of the trip and the booking forms you will need to reserve your place, please visit the Embroidery Heritage Textile Tour – West Bengal, India page on our website.


Bandhani Tie Dye with Colouricious

Bandhani Tie Dye

Bandhani Tie Dye is a craft practiced mainly in Rajasthan and Gujarat in India. It is an intricate process requiring a lot of skill and dexterity to tie the small knots in the correct places to create the detailed patterns. The name Bandhani comes from the Sanskrit word banda which means “to tie”.

The knots are tied in detailed patterns to create squares, waves and strips. It is possible that a piece of Bandhani Tie Dye material can have well over 1,000 knots. As with a lot of crafts the patterns and colours used all have meaning to the regions that have created the design. In Rajasthan for example red is often used to represent a bride and yellow a mother. As with a lot of Indian crafts, the colours used in Bandhani Tie Dye are mainly natural and they tend to be darker colours.

Colouricious has some excellent samples of Bandhani Tie Dye as well as some very informative videos showing how you can dye your own fabrics ready for block printing.
Bandhani Video
Latest Arrivals

Latest Arrivals

September has been an extremely busy month with boxes of blocks arriving from India. Our carpenters have been extremely busy carving the most wonderful wooden printing blocks.
Check out the latest arrivals!

The Stencil Shop

We have also re-stocked our stunning supply of stencils!
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Colouricious Holidays

Our holidays to the regions of India that specialise in Bandhani Tie Dyeing are fully booked, but our Embroidery Heritage Textile Tour of West Bengal includes a day at a weavers studio where you will experience fabric dyeing as well as block printing. It is a wonderful trip and you will see and learn so much about embroidery and fabric crafting. You can read more about the trip on our website. If you would like to come to India in December 2014 to take part in several block printing workshops, with real Indian printers, we still have a few places left. We will be doing 2 block printing workshops, one in a factory in Jaipur and one in a rural village, to compare the contrast. We will also be taking part in a Dabu Printing Workshop – where you will actually print your own fabric using mud (!) and wooden printing blocks. You will then Indigo dye your fabric, which you get to bring home with you. Fabulous fun! For fuller details see our

Block Printing Holiday in Jaipur
have a look at the lovely hotel we will be staying at during our holiday in Jaipur

Bandhani 1 Bandhani 2 Bandhani 3

Colouricious Holidays
Our Next Textile Show

The Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace opens on 8th October for 5 days and we are already building up our stock of new blocks and crafting ideas. It is our last London Show before Christmas so if you can get to the show make sure you come and say hello so you can see the lovely gift ideas we have for all our crafting friends
Our very last textile event of the year is going to be at the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show.
Block Printing Workshops

Colouricious Workshop

We have had the most wonderful year teaching block printing workshops to quilting and embroidery groups across the UK, America & Europe. We are now accepting bookings for 2015. If you would like me to come to teach your group how to design their own fabrics for their quilting, embroidery and sewing projects, please do phone us to arrange the date. I am very happy to travel far and wide to share my love for block printing.
Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards

Jamie Malden

Gelli Plates Textile Art

 Gelli Plates Textile Art

These art ideas are endless. Using these plates you will be able to create so many different wonderful craft projects. From stamping to art journalling, to card making – the list goes on and on. You will never ever run out of creative ideas for your plates. These plates are easy to use and give you hours of fun filled arts and crafts, whilst expressing you artistic flare and imagination!
learn how to use gelli plates for so many projects! You can buy your gelli plates here! Gelli printing is also an art that can be expressed amongst others arts and on different materials, using different colours and patterns to express your artistic ability. You can experiment using different 

Try the colouricious fabric paint which are a professional grade paint, and will assist you in you gelli printing. These paints will work perfectly with your gelli printing in order to produce a professional finish and look. These also work well with our range of Colouricious wooden printing blocks in order to print with the gelli plates. 

gelli plates textile art

gelli plates textile art
gelli plates textile art
Stamping Art Journaling Cardmaking
gelli plates textile art
gelli plates textile art
gelli plates textile art
Quilting Zen Doodling Collage
gelli plates textile art
gelli plates textile art
gelli plates textile art
Mixed Media Bookmaking
The possibilities are ENDLESS! Order your Gelli plates today
Gelli printing plate sizes were designed for a variety of purposes:
  • 3″ x 5″, ATC’s, Tags and Stamping
  • 5″ x 7″, CardMaking, Framable Wall Art
  • 6″ x 6″, Quilting and Fabric Arts
  • 8″ Round, work in the round!
  • 8″ x 10″, Multi Purpose
  • 12″ x 14″, large fabric printing


See our full range of gelli plates


The Colouricious Guide to Applique

Applique – How to use in Textile Art

Applique (or “applied” when translated from French) is the art of affixing one item onto another to create a finished product. It is extensively used in textile arts to create decoration and depth to any craft product. Applique is also extensively used to renovate and revitalise old items of clothing into modern new pieces.

The item applied can be another piece of fabric or multiple pieces of fabric to achieve your goal. The fabric is normally folded in to create a nice clean edge, but there are plenty of creations that used the “frayed edge” of an appliquéd piece of fabric as part of the design so really there are no fixed rules on how to achieve the best results.

Individuals who make quilts use the applique method a lot as the technique lends itself to the square repetitive patterns that you often see on quilts. You will also see a lot of appliqué designs in products and crafts that are made in India and the sub-continent.

Colouricious have several videos that show how to create beautiful applique designs and you can visit our Applique textile technique page to watch and follow them.


If you would like to explore how to integrate applique techniques into your next craft product, then the Colouricious range of DVDs has a number of projects that would be ideal for Appliqué. The Recycled Reborn DVD is a perfect example showing how the creative use of appliqué can transform old clothes and fabrics into new modern designs. You can watch excerpts of the DVD and then make a purchase if you wish.
Recycled Reborn Recycled Textiles


Colouricious Holidays

Our Holidays are proving to be exceptionally popular, so much so that we are running out of free slots for all of our upcoming trips. We are keeping our website up to date with the number of spaces left on each trip so if you are thinking about a crafting holiday to India or Vietnam please act quickly to avoid disappointment. We are hoping to add additional trips to these locations later in 2015, but we cannot guarantee this at the moment, so if you have your heart set on a crafting holiday that make sure you get in contact with me as soon as you can.

Textile Holiday Textile Holiday Textile Holiday


Our Next Show

Our next show is at London’s Alexandra Palace on 8th – 12th October. If you are planning on going to the show, please spare some time to come and say hello, I love to meet all of the followers of Colouricious, and I am sure I will be able to arrange a super discount on anything you want to buy.

Learn, Create, Be Happy!

kind regards

Jamie Malden

Why choose a textile holiday?

Textile Holiday

For the vast majority, the two week holiday they have each year will centre on sun, sea and sand or cities, buildings and views. Some may even see a merger the two as the perfect combination for their two weeks away from work. For others, these ideas are less appealing and they look for something a little less “standard” and they will often embark on adrenalin filled adventure holidays that push their own skills and abilities to the limit.

If none of these ideas appeal to you for your next holiday, then maybe a vacation that encompasses a hobby you are passionate about could be the solution. With the world becoming ever more accessible, holidays, trips and tours designed to let you explore your hobby are now more popular than ever. The beauty of these holidays is you get to see your hobby being done by different people in different countries and often in different ways as well. You share the holiday with like minded people with whom you can share and discuss thoughts and ideas, and can immerse yourself into your hobby coming back with new ideas and techniques from your trip.

colouricious-textile-holidaysColouricious organise textile art and crafting holidays to various regions of India and Vietnam where visitors can experience the wonderful, sights and sounds of these wonderful countries. You will be taken to towns and villages that actively use these crafts in their day to day lives and you will not only see them crafting, but also have the opportunity to have a go yourself. The whole trip is designed for everybody to participate as much as possible and the people who immerse themselves into the holiday the most are certainly the people who get the most out of it.

The trips cover areas in India such as Jaipur, Rajasthan, West Bengal and South Odisha and each of these regions have a fundamentally different take on the crafting and how it affects their livelihood. Vietnam is a new destination for Colouricious in 2015 where travellers will be covering the full length of the country, some 2,200km in a 15 day period. There is a detailed itinerary for each trip on the Colouricious website. All accommodation and transfers are included in the cost of the holiday and you can select a private room or share with a friend. The rooms are a minimum of 3 star standard wherever possible, but it should be considered that these holidays do visit villages and outlying areas, so accommodation may be reflective of the area in certain situations.

Without doubt these crafting holidays are a trip of a lifetime and you will return with wonderful pictures and memories and enough stories to tell all your friends and family. I think it is fair to say that once you have been on a Colouricious textile holiday you will forever look at the craft you love with a completely different perspective.

You can read more about each trip by visiting the Textile Holiday page on the Colouricious website where you can download booking forms if you want to reserve your place.

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