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Applique with Polyester Organza and Bondaweb

Appliqué Design with Polyester Organza and Bondaweb

Kim Thittichai is a British textile artist who specialises in surface design. In this video, you will learn how to do appliqué design. You can use Colouricious wooden printing blocks to produce appliqué design s.

Here are some examples of the appliqué design that Kim has made using Polyester Organza and Bondaweb.

Applique-kim-thittichai-fabric-applique Applique-kim-thittichai-fabric-design-techniques Applique-kim-thittichai-polyester-organza-art Applique-kim-thittichai-polyester-organza-fabric-art Applique-kim-thittichai-polyester-organza-fabric-design Applique-kim-thittichai-polyester-organza-fabric Applique-kim-thittichai-polyester-organza-technique Applique-kim-thittichai-polyester-organza-techniques Applique-kim-thittichai-polyester-organza-textile-project Applique-kim-thittichai-polyester-organza Applique-kim-thittichai-textile-art Applique-kim-thittichai-textile-arts Applique-kim-thittichai-textile-design-techniques

Buy Bondaweb and Polyester Organza to design your appliqué.

For this project, we recommend Colouricious wooden printing blocks and Colouricious fabric paint.

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Block printing for Book making

Block printing for Book making

Book printing is a lot of fun and can be done with people of all ages and abilities. Have a look at our video for some book making ideas.

arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-fabric-design-technique  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-fabric-design-techniques  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-fabric-design  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-printing-technique  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-printing-techniques  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-textile-art  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-textile-design  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-textile-technique  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-textile-techniques  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-wood-stamp  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-wood-stamps  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-wooden-printing-block  arts-crafts-ideas-book-making-wooden-printing-blocks

Would you like to make your own book ? All you need to use is Colouricious wooden printing blocks and Colouricious fabric paint to design your book cover.

For more arts and crafts ideas, join the Colouricious Club.

You can also use Kim Thittichai’s Decovil 1 Light to design your book cover.

Textile Holidays – A Wonderful Choice

The world has never been smaller in terms of accessibility, and with the internet capable of showing you images of places and opportunities that were once only dreams; it is true to say that it is now possible for your dreams to come true. People are demanding so much more from their holidays nowadays and they are also being much more adventurous in terms of locations they are prepared to go to. This adventurous nature has spawned a vast array of choice when it comes to picking your next holiday destination, and the activity you choose is no longer limited to thrill seeking and adrenalin pumping.

textile-holidays-embroidery-block-printing-lessonsCrafting Holidays are becoming ever more popular with people who want to experience the craft they love in the locations they were perhaps invented or started. These holidays give people a chance to see how their crafts are actually used by others and also the opportunity to experience the colours and smells of these locations. The Colouricious Textile Holidays take experienced and new crafters on tours of India and the sub-continent to see fabric block printing being done in the village factories and markets as it has been for hundreds of years. They get to see blocks being carved and as importantly, they get to participate and have a go at block printing using the equipment and tools that come from these regions.

Where do Colouricious organise textile holidays?

Colouricious run textile holidays to various regions in India including Rajasthan, Jaipur, West Bengal and Odisha, and have also set up a new holiday to Vietnam for next year. Each of these locations offer a different insight into how crafting is done as well using different textile and colours. The holidays are tours, so there is travelling to many different villages and towns to get to see the local crafters at work. Holidays are normally 10-14 days in length, but please check on the website for the specific details of the holiday you are interested in.

What is the accommodation like?

textile-holiday-colouricious-textile-holidaysAll accommodation is planned in advance along with coach and rail travel. Colouricious endeavour to provide a minimum of 3* accommodation in all locations, but as the tours get to visit more remote locations, the accommodation does sometimes match the town or village you are in. We put links on our website to as many of the hotels that we are staying in as we can so you can see for yourself the quality of the rooms and facilities. Having said all this, part of the whole experience of a holiday such as this will be staying in the local village which is all part of the charm of these textiles holidays. Experiencing different methods of travel in these countries can be as equally exciting as seeing your craft.

Will we get to “do” as well as “see”?

3-textiles-quilting-embroidery-IndiaPart of the beauty of holidays that Colouricious run is that you get every opportunity to participate as well as watch the locals at work. You will see photos of past tours on the website showing people getting first-hand experience of block printing. You are positively encouraged to give it a go and start a new craft project as well as taking advantage of the knowledge and skills that the local craftsmen have and can share with you.

Whatever your craft, if it is Textile or Fabric based, then Colouricious will have a holiday for you and you will undoubtedly see and experience things that you could never have dreamed about.

They say these holidays are once in a lifetime, but I disagree. For the keenest of crafters given the ever shrinking world we live in, these holidays are regular opportunities to see how different people participate in the craft they love.

All Colouricious Textile Holidays are covered by ABTA. For more information about this cover please visit the ABTA website here

Recycling fabric to make a whole piece quilt

Recycling fabric to make a whole piece quilt

recycling fabric-gelli-plate-recycle-fabric-block-printing   recycling fabric-gelli-plate-recycle-fabric-block-printing   recycling fabric-gelli-plate-printing-block

If you have old fabrics, do not throw them. watch this video on how to give their a second life !

First squidge and roll a thin layer of paint onto the gelli paint. Then put a piece of fabric onto the surface. Then you can use Colouricious wooden printing blocks and have a great fun !

Use the gelli plate, fabric paint and  wooden printing blocks to design your own hand printed fabric.These wood stamps lift the paint off the gelli plate to create stunning results.

 Come and join us in the Colouricious Club if you love arts and crafts and looking for new ideas and blogs, supplies and inspiration.


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