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Block printing trees

Block printing trees

Hug a tree today ! Here are our tree Colouricious wooden printing blocks. Use them for block printing for your textile design and paper crafts. These particular wood stamps are wonderful for embroidery projects too! Just another little idea for you… try pressing them into clay to create something truly unique with your pottery. You will be amazed and delighted with the creative potential of block printing trees with your mixed media projects. We have 3 sets for you to choose from. Find the one that you love the most.
All of these trees are all roughly 4 inches high and 2.5 inches wide.
GFTP1 Tree stamps set 1
to order set 1
GFTP2 Tree art prints

to order set 2
GFTPB Full set of tree stamps
If you love trees and cannot choose which set you adore, then have them all!
Please remember that to get good quality printing you must put a foam mat underneath your fabric or paper when you are block printing.

Ancient Greece for Kids

Ancient Greece for Kids

Ancient Greek Designs & Patterns
Classics is a really popular course in many schools and colleges in the UK. Learning about Ancient Greece, the myths and legends about the magnificent lifestyle that our ancestors lead. We have designed these Colouricious wooden printing blocks specifically for children and adults alike who, have a passion for the ancient world and creativity. Here is your opportunity to combine ancient patterns and designs along with ancient techniques of printing. You can buy 1, 2 or 3 sets whichever inspires you the most. If you are going to order 3 sets, we will happily send you, free of charge a box of 2 foam mats so that you can get your friends, children and grandchildren all involved in your creative craft project.

Ancient Greek Designs

Ancient greek Patterns

Greek Theatre

Get inspired with these wonderful Ancient Greek themed wooden printing blocks, perfect for creative craft projects with your children over the school holidays. Transform your fabrics and paper with these Greek patterns.

These Ancient Greek Designs & Patterns have just arrived from India and you are the first to know about these wonderful wooden printing blocks. We do so hope you love them as much as we do. Remember, whilst in the check out basket you can request your 2 free foam mats if you buy all 3 sets. The foam mats are essential to put underneath your fabric or paper to get a crisp clear image. 
We really recommend using our Colouricious fabric paints – the metallic fabric paint set in particular to create that certain antique patina! You are going to have so much fun sharing your textile skills with your young friends and relatives. Share the love!!!


For those of you, who like me, simply adore ancient civilisations, check out the
Ancient Egyptian Patterns

Go and have a look at the entire collection of
Colouricious wooden printing blocks

Zentangle Patterns and Designs Workshop with Jane Marbaix

Zentangle Workshop

Learn the basics of zentangle, a wonderfully creative relaxing process of turning simple drawn patterns into artistic designs. Zentangle calms the mind, helps to reduce stress and improve focus. It can be done anywhere, all you need is the heart to believe you’re creative.

Jane-Marbaix-zentangle Jane-marbaix-zentangle-workshop Jane-Marbaix-zentangle-workshop

There are only four qualified Zentangle Instructors in the UK and Jane Marbaix was the first! Her classes are suitable for all ages and for all abilities. Just come and join the fun.

Zentangle is a relaxing structured doodling – some call it yoga for the mind. You can create these patterns quickly and easily, whilst having lots of fun.

If you would like to know more about this course, either visit the Colouricious website, or contact us by email or by the box below. In addition you can watch this zentangle video.


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Creative Free Machine Embroidery – See what you can do with your Sewing Machine

Creative Free Machine EmbroideryCreative Free Machine Embroidery with Gina Ferrari is the Colouricious DVD of the month for March

This is a wonderful DVD which harnesses the passion of Gina for machine embroidery. Gina takes you from the basic set up through every stage clearly and simply showing you the different stitches you can use and the effectiveness of each one, as well as showing you how to combine different stitches to make your craft projects really stand out. This is a DVD for beginners as well as more experienced embroiderers and there is certainly something in the DVD for everybody. Best of all, in the last chapter of the DVD, Gina shows you how to do her favourite projects and takes you step by step through each process to make sure you can do exactly the same on your next embroidery project.

This is a DVD that is not to be missed and one that we at Colouricious know you will be watching again and again.

As this is our DVD of the month, we can also offer you a wonderful offer on this DVD. Make your purchase before the end of this month – simply  copy and paste the following code in your shopping cart and you will be able to buy this DVD for £17.60 which is a 20% discount on our normal price.


Take a look here at some of the wonderful things you can create using the skills you will learn from this DVD.


Click on the video below and you will be able to watch a 2 minute trailer for the DVD so you can see Gina in action.

Sewing Shisha and Embroidery Stitch Workshop

Get creative for a day

block-printing-textile-workshopAre you fascinated by the wonderful world of textiles and would like to learn a new textile technique? Then why not get creative with Colouricious for a one day sewing textile workshop, where you will learn how to sew Indian shisha mirrors and embellish fabrics to produce amazing textile art.




Sewing Shisha


Indian shisha mirrors are small circular mirrors traditionally embroidered into Indian fabrics. You will learn how to sew them onto different block printed fabric in a most creative and unusual way. Combining embroidery stitches and beads, you will create a totally unique embellishment for your textile art projects.

Learn More

Colouricious is offering this workshop on the 9th of June at a price of £45 for the day with all materials included. You’ll spend the day with creative, like minded people at the Colouricious studio in Amersham. To learn more, visit Visit our sewing shisha workshop to learn more and to get inspiration have a look at our hand embroided Indian shisha gallery.

Watch this video to see the wonderful textile designs with Indian shisha you could create! Hand embroidery designs using Indian shisha


Book now by emailing!!


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