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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Inspirational craft ideas using block printing techniques


You can spruce up anything using Colouricious wooden blocks by printing onto tracing  paper and glueing onto your desired items to add a personnel touch in your home, or given away as unique gifts to your loved ones!

Learn, create, be happy with Colouricious. We love to inspire, instruct and share textile art project ideas.

Wonderfil embroidery thread for decorative embroidery stitches

Textile artist Lucy Garvin likes to use Spotlite Wonderfil embroidery thread to embellish fabrics with decorative stitches. Following lines on the fabric with a loose satin stitch, using Spotlite in the needle and InvisaFil in the bobbin of the embroidery machine. This will enhance and make the fabric richer, going around the edges gives more definition and make even more of a difference adding a blanket stitch. Embroidery designs with Spotlite shine when it catches the light!

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