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Textile Artist Kim Thittichai

Britain’s Best Textile Artists  – Kim Thittichai








Kim Thittichai is a fantastic textile artist who specialises in HOT textiles. Anything that melts, bonds, burns or crispifys Kim will tackle! Kim explores a wealth of textile techniques to push textile art to extremes. Kim uses heat guns, Bondaweb, metallic foils, Tyvek, Lutradur and many other intriguing materials and techniques to explore the spontaneous nature of textiles.

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At Colouricious we were lucky enough to have Kim Thittichai record a series of step by step tutorials teaching viewers how to make the most of Bondaweb. This often overlooked textile has so many possibilities, use it to create textures and layers, paint it, bond it, tear and cut it. Often it is tricky to decide what to do with all the pieces you have created while exploring a new technique, well never fear in this DVD Kim will show you how to put your experimental pieces to good use!Watch a preview of the DVD Creative Bondaweb with Kim Thittchai online today. No doubt you will be hooked and ready to explore the limitless possibilities of Bondaweb!


Watch online and be inspired!

Machine Embroidery Stitches with Textile Artist Gina Ferrari

Britain’s Best Textile Artists  – Gina Ferrari


Gina Ferrari is a fascinating textile artist who enjoys exploring the rhythm and repetition of the sewing machine building up colour and textile in a spontaneous way. A central theme in Gina’s work is the theme of revelation and concealment. This theme is enhanced by the very nature of textile art with exploration and discovery being the key to any textile artists’ success. Experimentation and spontaneity lead to intriguing textile pieces.

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Gina often incorporates materials such as paper, metal and wire as well as fabrics to create enchanting 2D and 3D forms. The focus is on machine embroidery bringing all these elements together.At Colouricious we were lucky enough to have Gina visit the studio to record tutorials guiding viewers on creative machine embroidery. The aim of the instructive DVD is to demystify machine embroidery with easy to follow chapters. In the step by step DVD workshop Gina will guide you through the basics of creative machine embroidery, exploring free motion stitches such as granite stitch and whip stitch.Watch a snap shot of Gina Ferrari’s textile art DVD online today. No doubt you will be hooked and ready to put your new found skills to the test!


Watch online and be inspired!

Own the DVD already? Now fancy learning first hand? Gina offers a range of textile workshops. Visit her website for the full details.

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