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Textile Fabric Paint Delicious Set


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Textile Fabric Paint – Delicious Set

Here you will have 2 x white, parma violet, bengali rose, golden yellow and turquoise. The extra white bottle is perfect when you want to start shading and tinting colours and dramatically increases the number of colours in your palette. There are 6 small bottles of fabric paint, the size of each is 60 ml. Again these colours are all intermixable for you to create just the right colour you want with this delicious selection. Included in this blue A5 presentation box you will also receive the foam mat that is needed to place under your fabric for a “bit of give” and 5 sponges with optimal density to achieve a good printed impression. Dad the paint onto the wooden printing block with the sponge to get an even layer of colour – also that makes the paint go a long way and you are not wasting any.
You can have a lot of fun mixing up your own colours for block printing. Remember you add the darker colour to white to make a tint. To mix a shade of a colour, simply add a drop of black at a time.
We love these textile fabric paints as are so easy to fix – simply iron the fabric, as hot as the piece will bear and the colour is then washable up to 40 degrees.
learn more about colour theory – find out how to mix up your own colourscolour-theory-wheel
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