Stencils Sweet dixie 6 x 6 set of 5


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this set of five stencils contains spring blooms, splash, block mosaic, skeleton leaves & vintage background. All 5 stencils measure 6 x 6 square and are perfect for use with Colouricious fabric paint – here you can see how you can mix up lighter, paler colours by starting with your main colour and adding white, little by little until it is as pale as you want it

If you are a quilter, then these Sweet Dixie Stencils are wonderful for printing onto a jelly roll (long strips of pre-cut fabric) – here we created tints. You start with Colouricious white fabric paint and each time you use a stencil you add a drop or two of a colour. So gradually the fabric printing gets darker. Try it and see – you will love it and your quilting arts will come along a treat!


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