Rainbow & Metallic Fabric Paint Set

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This set contains a rainbow and a metallic fabric paint set. These sets produce the finest glow of colour for your fabric painting ideas . Block printing is a great way to paint on fabric, using wooden printing blocks. Painting ideas do not get much better than block printing. With this set you can print on fabrics to design clothes, quilts, blankets, bags and much more. This textile paint is also great to print on paper. If you are looking to print on fabric with this fabric paint you just need to iron to fix the paint in place so it does not wash off. Textile painting can lead to a whole lot more and this guaranteed to be the most reliable paint for fabric printing. 

Even when your bottles are pretty much empty you can reuse the remains of paint by mixing with water and shaking the bottle which is great for colouring fabrics or creating altered papers for your paper craft ideas.

These paints really are great for your fabric especially when printing on a t-shirt. The paint will not wash off if you make sure you fix the paint with an iron, to learn more about how exactly to fix the paint click here. 

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Once you have picked your paints, choose the block you want to print with! We have the largest range of wooden printing blocks in the world at Colouricious.