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Baby Quilts

 Baby Quilts for sale

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Baby quilts for sale – this bedding is perfectly soft and sumptuous for little people

Baby Quilts

Natural Quilts – special offers

  • Natural Quilts are
  • 100% cotton
  • hand block printed
  • machine washable
  • colour fixed
  • super soft
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This baby quilt has hand block printed birds on vegetable dyed cotton
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Dabu printed fish designs on this baby quilt, click to learn more
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Another dabu printed baby quilt with fish and ferns. Click to learn more.
Baby quilts are wonderful gifts for you, your family and for new babies that have popped into this world! They make great presents if you need a unique idea that is slightly different to what everybody else gives. Click here to see the full range of baby quilts that are now reduced by 50%. Half the price, but twice the snuggle factor.
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Colouricious is proud to support the work of the block carvers, the printers and the makers of these fabulous natural Indian quilts.
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