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I am Jamie Malden of Colouricious, and I am a professional block printer. I love going to various groups to teach them how easy it is to block print their own fabric. The majority of groups that invite me to teach them are Quilters Guild and Embroidery Guild Groups. 

I am happy to teach everyone and anyone who loves creative textiles. The teaching point for this textile workshop is about textile design. You will learn how to hand print your own fabric, which is then used for a huge variety of sewing projects. Perfect for quilting arts, textile art, patchwork and embroidery. If you are a quilting group then we will also develop your printing skills in this textile workshop by incorporating layers – combining colour contrasts and definition. In the textile workshop for embroidery groups you will learn how to create some stunning textile art for your stitching – be it hand or machine embroidery. These textile workshops are suitable for all levels – from total beginners to more experienced creatives.

The cost for the workshop is dependant upon the number of days you want me to attend, but this price includes absolutely everything – petrol, materials, paints and supplies. All you need to bring to the class is an apron to wear and lunch!

If your group would like to have a block printing workshop, please click on the leaflet or email me – with a suggested date, and your telephone number and I will get back to you to arrange a date for me to come and teach your group.

Book your Bespoke Printology Workshop. Click on the leaflet below to download details of how to have me come to your craft group and run your own Printology Workshop. 

“I have had nothing but appreciative comments from our participants who attended your workshop.  Everybody had great fun … I can have a try on my own, now that block printing has been demystified” Irene


One happy student :- “Like a journey, coming to a workshop will always change a person. Thank you for two interesting days, I feel richer for having been in such creative company. I have learnt about my strengths and weaknesses , things l like about myself and others i need to work on! Nothing huge, just my lack of toleration of various colours. Now l’m sitting facing hills and moors as far as the eye can reach and a blue sky full of promise. Across the table are pieces of fabric with ‘promise’, in my head are ideas to develop. So , I thank you for all the efforts it took to be there teaching us for these two days”  ….Margaret from Aberdeen

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Creative Craft Textile Workshops
Textile Workshops –  Block Printing Workshops with Jamie Malden



Learn a little about the ancient history of block printing.

We have always had very positive feed back about our block printing textile workshops – as we have a busy structured day. Book Now!

If you are in interested in any of the Colouricious workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

Jamie Malden MA Bed (Hons)

– professional block printer and textile tutor


My personal teaching style: – I have been a teacher for 30 years. I like my lessons to be well planned, prepared and organised. I like my students to always feel they have all got tasks to do and are not sitting waiting for the next instruction. Busy structured focused lessons. I am happy if at the end of my lessons, my students feel that they have learnt a great deal and have improved their skills. Different teachers have different styles and bring out different aspects in their class. I feel happy to teach didactically in a more formal structured way, to learn the rules, which we then move onto break! Happy Block Printing!

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