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Paisley Patterns

 Paisley patterns

Scrapbooking – Block Printing pretty paisleys

Paisley patterns are wonderful designs for all sorts of your arts and crafts work. These wooden printing blocks are perfect for block printing your paisley patterns onto fabric, paper and even impressing into clay. You will find that printing your own textiles can be quite addictive as it is so incredibly creative – exploring and combining various printing techniques for textile design in particular.

block-printing-textiles-paper-craft-150x150 Paisley Patterns  block-printing-textiles-fabric-design-150x150 Paisley Patterns  block-printing-textile-techniques-fabric-art-150x150 Paisley Patterns  block-printing-textile-art-craft-ideas-150x150 Paisley Patterns  block-printing-paisleys-design-your-own-fabric-150x150 Paisley Patterns  block-printing-fabric-design-150x150 Paisley Patterns  block-printing-paisley-design-150x150 Paisley Patterns  block-printing-fabric-textiles-150x150 Paisley Patterns  art-project-ideas-block-printing-150x150 Paisley Patterns  block-printing-design-your-own-fabric-150x150 Paisley Patterns  block-printing-craft-ideas-print-on-fabric-150x150 Paisley Patterns  block-printing-textile-art-fabric-150x150 Paisley Patterns

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Recently we heard a very interesting story of how paisley patterns came into being. Early man, perhaps in what is now known as Pakistan, used the the side of a clenched fist to print a pattern. Over time, this print was embellished with doodles which in time turned into what we now recognise as the paisley pattern. We have heard another story that the paisley pattern originated from a print made from a mango stone. Who knows the truth – what we do know though is that paisley patterns are gorgeous!

block-printing-paisley-150x150 Paisley Patterns  block-printing-textile-design-150x150 Paisley Patterns  paisley-design-creative-textiles-150x150 Paisley Patterns  printing-on-fabric-wooden-printing-blocks-150x150 Paisley Patterns  paisley-patterns-block-printing-textile-art-150x150 Paisley Patterns  paisley-patterns-art-and-craft-150x150 Paisley Patterns  gelli-plate-textile-art1-150x150 Paisley Patterns  pritning-blocks-papers Paisley Patterns  printing-block-wooden-150x150 Paisley Patterns  gelli-plate-150x150 Paisley Patterns  IMG_3409-150x150 Paisley Patterns  IMG_3436-150x150 Paisley Patterns  IMG_3430-150x150 Paisley Patterns  IMG_3428-150x150 Paisley Patterns  IMG_3427-150x150 Paisley Patterns  IMG_3426-150x150 Paisley Patterns  IMG_3424-150x150 Paisley Patterns  IMG_3416-150x150 Paisley Patterns  IMG_3415-150x150 Paisley Patterns  IMG_3412-150x150 Paisley Patterns  IMG_3420-150x150 Paisley Patterns  IMG_3418-150x150 Paisley Patterns

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